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Monday, December 19, 2011

Texas promoted Pitcher Gary Weber to the Majors this season, Weber is looking like he'll be helpful to a struggling Texas team.

More Free Agent news!!!

Madison has decided to go big in Free Agency this season. They signed former Huntington CF Clay Steib and P Spud Burba, Former Oakland LF Spike Logan and SS Luis Aquino and P's Dizzy Martin and Carlos Zubaran.

Oakland signed Closer Larry Hart, SU/Closer Virgil Hayes, LR Cory Evans and Bart Kinney, CF Ted Banks and Career Saves leader Christopher Champion!!! That bullpen is going to be the toughest in the entire majors!

Hartford signed CF Albert O'Brien and C Ozzie Flores to add some veteran experience and possibly help them win some games.

Bud Wiltse was signed to the brand new relocated Chicago team!

LR Alfredo Estrada signed with Philly giving them some additional pitching to help match the offensive output this season.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trade Completed!!!

31 yr old LF Edgar Sosa of Seattle has been deal to Oakland for 36 yr old SP Pedro Bennett. Bennett a 4 time All Star has one year left on his contract is going to a much more pitcher friendly park. Sosa, 31 years old and has a pretty good bat still capable of hitting 35 Home Runs and 100 rbi! Going to Oakland should help his chances to go deep and help Oakland have a shot at getting into the playoffs this season. Seattle is always a tough team and this season they will be a huge competitor again!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free Agent Buzz!!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Observing some of the latest Free Agent news and I realized that there are several names out there that chose not to re-sign with their former team. I will discuss potential landing spots for these players and who should pick them up.

Nolan Cain (Detroit) - Nolan Cain has decided not to re-sign with Detroit and to get an idea of how much he is worth on the open market. Rumor has it there are a couple potential landing spots and he won't go cheap...
Potential Teams
Hartford (NL)
San Francisco (AL)

Who SHOULD sign him

Quinn Street (Iowa City) - Quinn Street is probably the second best hitter on the market right now, he's a so that brings his value down just a little bit since most teams are seeking pitching or high defensive players.

Potential Teams
Chicago (NL)
Iowa City (NL)
Madison (AL)
Hartford (NL)
Salem (AL)

Who SHOULD sign him
Chicago (NL)

Hoss Collins (Seattle) - Once regarded one of the best Pitchers in Doubleday, Collins was traded around a lot and never really had a home until he was traded to St. Louis (Now Montgomery). Hoss Collins has managed to get to 6 All Star game appearances. He has yet to get that Cy Young award that we know he was wanting so desperately.

Potential Teams
Cincinnati (NL)
Vancouver (AL)
Huntington (AL)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Spark in Vancouver!

Roy Sparks is officially the best hitter in Doubleday! Well his career batting average says so.. 5 seasons into his career and he has the highest career batting average in the entire world .337. Obviously there are a minimum amount of at bats a player is required to have. However as of right now he is the man on top surpassing greats such as Luis Picasso and Quilvio Javier! Congrats Sparks and Vancouver!

Saturday, December 10, 2011



I would like everyone to submit who they think should fill this roster, the only catch is the player has to have one of the following criteria. 

Cy Young
2x ALL Star
2x Silver Slugger (At position)
2x Golden Glove (At position)
Fireman of the year

Please submit your list to me via sitemail. Thank you!

C: Santiago Cordero
C: George Forrest
1B: Albert Wall
1B: Lefty Moore
2B: Felipe Guerrero
2B: Midre Guerrero
SS: Ramon Chang
SS: Rafael Espinosa
3B: Connie Reynolds
3B: Alexander Connelly
LF: Philip Maxwell
LF: Quilvio Javier
CF: Albert O'Brien
CF: Ted Banks
RF: Dan Hudler
RF: Alex Shinjo
DH: Ronald Webb

SP: Roger Hosmer
SP: Tom Lofton
CLA: Christopher Champion
CLB: Larry Hart

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maxwell hit's his 700th!!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

St. Paul, Minnesota

Greatness is measured by performance, if you were to just show up for work everyday and get the job done that you are paid for you will get compensated for doing just that. If you came to work and did more than what your job expected of you, you would get a huge bonus and possibly a raise. Philip Maxwell did just that! In 13 years he has hit over 700 home runs, 704 to be exact. Maxwell should have at least one or two seasons left in him where he could potentially end his career with around 750. Maxwell certainly has etched his name in the Doubleday Hall of Fame, not only for his power but his amazing eye. Maxwell certainly will be the standard going forward, everyone wants a guy who can hit for power as well as average. Maxwell will most likely be Doubleday's first Hall of Fame member. Congrats Phil!