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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Star Break Power Rankings

 63-28 record and easily one of the best offenses in the world. Leads the ML in RBI's. Also best pitching staff in the ML.

60- 31.... Top to bottom awesomeness....

One of the AL North Powerhouses tied for first in the Division. One of the top run scoring teams in the ML and 3rd best Pitching staff.

Defending Champions currently with a 52-39 record have the 2nd best Pitching in the ML. They also have guys named Ronald Webb and Philip Maxwell... Nuff said..

58-33 record.. however not topping any offense, pitching or fielding categories. Basing this off sheer talent in the organization.

The best team batting average, tied for the AL North division lead and 2nd in OBP. Pitching isn't terrible but not in the top 5.  Consistency...

They have the tools to get the job done. They are a former Championship team from 2 seasons ago. They will not go out easily.

Leading Scottsdale in their division however I feel they are just slightly lower on talent and I don't think they will end the season on top. I could be wrong..

Highest OBP in the world, explosive offense but weak pitching. Bullpen's pretty strong and they are in a dogfight in the AL North.

At the bottom of the AL North but still a very strong team.  Better pitching than Montreal but weaker offense.  They will be keeping the division close the rest of the way out.

All Star Game Recap: Webb MVP!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

The All Star game is where a collective group of players come together to prove how great they are.... Not really, most of the time they goof off and just have fun. The Home Run derby is probably the most competitive time of the All Star break.. With that being said the AL defeated the NL 3-1 with some very convincing performances from Pitcher Virgil Hogan and DH Ronald Webb. Webb hit a Home run and drove in 2 while Hogan threw 2 innings striking out 3 and only giving up 1 hit and no runs. The NL on the other hand hit for a better average but only could manage to score the 1 run that was driven in by Monterrey's Harold Burrell. SP Damion Mitchell gave up all 3 runs making his No-Hitter this season just mildly memorable.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Team Spotlight: Salt Lake City

The franchise began in Detroit in Season 1 where they went 61-101  under the management of pstrnutbag. In Season 1 they acquired Clarence Vaughn , Midre Castillo and Timothy Burks. All 3 of them have remained on the team and played  very well over the last 7 seasons. The team moved in season 2 to Kansas City but only stayed for 1 season after going 73-89. Yet another owner in and out of the franchise. Omar Miranda was the 4th pick in season 2 and the only real bright spot of the season.

Season 3 is where things changed for the better. The team was bought by Carpediem33 and moved to Salt Lake City. He led them to a 1st place finish in the AL North. Season 3 was the year they drafted Al Rodriguez at the 12th spot in the first round... Season 4,5 and 6 the team didn't win the division but each season they seemed to get stronger. Season 7 they regained the top spot in the AL North winning 97 games and the DCS. Again in Season 8 they won 97 games to take the division title home but managed not to make it deep into the playoffs. Some say this season is the season SLC breaks the curse and gets to the World Series Championship. They just need to convince Seattle, Kansas City and Montreal that they are the best in the AL North first.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iowa City signs the future!!!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City just signed a huge International Free Agent! Juan Rivera , future 3b/SS prospect agreed to a bonus of 30.6 million to join the Iowa City franchise. He is easily one of the best signings in Iowa City history.

Bob Lankford is a Monarch!!

 Bob Lankford is now on the Kansas City Monarchs! KC managed to strike a deal with Iowa City to land Lankford in exchange for Odalis Pujols , Miguel Valdes and Paul Clements. Lankford has had some terrible luck at the  ML level but since coming to KC he's already 1-0 in his first game. Kansas City has lost possession of first place in the AL North  so hopefully the addition of Lankford will get them back on track.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hitting Streak!

Mickey Waters of Vancouver has now hit safely in 21 straight games!! He's hitting .331 and has an OBP of .395 in 62 games. Waters is having a career year!

The Amateur Draft!!!! Number 1 pick and Best pick of the draft!

PICK ONE: Darryl Robinson
Great defensive player but middle of the road offense. Robinson was in my opinion a let down at the #1 pick. Probably the worst #1 pick in history of Doubleday.

STEAL PICK: Charley Mayberry
The steal of the draft right here! This guy is going to be a great Long Relief pitcher! Great control/splits and pitches. Appears to take care of himself has potential to play at the ML Level and at a very high success rate.

Mitchell throws a no-hitter!

On July 16th Damion Mitchell would start vs. Portland. What he didn't know is that his name would be etched into Doubleday History by being one of the very few people to throw 2 no-hitters in their career. His first was in season 6.. The other fun fact here is that he almost threw a perfect game! He gave up only 1 walk while striking out 5 in the 9 inning 4-0 victory. Mitchell hasn't been what you'd consider an MVP type pitcher but he certainly has had some good moments. Honolulu  is 37-24 this season, 1st place in the NL West. Mitchell can say he's contributing now. Let's see how the rest of the season goes, maybe he can celebrate a division title on top of this huge accomplishment.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roger Reynolds: Memphis Superstar!

Roger Reynolds has proven just why the world was so stuck on Memphis keeping him. The big controversy surrounding Reynolds at the start of the season has become very clear to Memphis fans that they are very happy the team decided to keep Reynolds. Reynolds is hitting only .232 but Owner Dublinuf knows this will pay off! During the PM cycle on 7/13/10 Reynolds Hit for the cycle ! Crushing Seattle, a team that is very much built to win now.  Reynolds will be an All-Star this season and in the hunt for a Silver Slugger award.

Monday, July 12, 2010

46 games in....

Commissioner Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

We are 46 games into season 9 of Doubleday and up until this point we've seen Jacksonville trade off 2 of their best Starting Pitchers. Vega to Cleveland and Pedro Bennett to Pittsburgh, with that we have also seen some surprises happen. Starting with the AL: Kansas City is leading the AL North , Baltimore leads the AL East , and Las Vegas and Colorado are above .500 still. Over in the NL: Detroit is in 2nd place in the NL North!!! Monterrey having the best start in franchise history only 1 game behind Austin in the AL South.

Player News:

KC's Al Gonzales leads the ML in RBI's with 62. He's 11 RBI ahead of the 2nd place player his teammate Benito Manzanillo.

Albert Wall of Chicago is leading the ML in Homeruns with 22.

William Webster leads the ML in Stolen Bases with 36 and has now 650 for his career. At 31yrs old he still has time to get 300 more so he could potentially be the first to touch 1,000.

Eli Hernandez of KC is 10-0!

Deivi Cairo of Baltimore is 13 of 13 saves and also has and ERA of 0.00!!

Junior Sanchez of Honolulu is tied with Mark Post of Pittsburgh for the ML lead in Strike outs with 65!

International Signings!

Seattle's Stud SP signing Ezdra Guillen already injured! Out with a sore elbow for a few more days.

Charlotte's IFA Sammy Fernandez had a pretty serious injury and was put on the 60 day DL. He won't be back for about another 44 days. Not a good way to start his career!


Just a little bit of time left before the Amateur Draft happens! Memphis has the #1 pick and Baltimore has 6 picks in the first round! This draft is critical for the following teams: Las Vegas, Portland, Colorado, Boston and Iowa City! Teams that probably won't benefit either way: Montreal , Montgomery , Jacksonville, and Washington D.C..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cleveland still has a few bright spots!

That's right, Cleveland may have lost Lebron James.. However they still have Kevin Colin!! Colin is hitting .350  with 13HR and 34 RBI in just 38 games. Cleveland has the best record in the ML at this point and he's not finished trying to acquire ML talent. Last we heard they were still searching for a good RP.  The offense is a little off as a whole this season but they should turn that around and become even more devastating as the season goes on. Inge is bound to break out of his slump to help Colin take them to the playoffs!

The big bats of SLC!

Leading the world in HR's , Batting Avg. , and OBP., SLC is on a role to start off the season. They are currently 26-14 and tied for the AL North lead. Heinie Vickers leads the team with a .350 BA in 140 AB's. SLC is also getting huge support from Jerome Ganzel which has gone 5-0 in just over 42 innings this season.  The way things look now shows SLC is as good as they were last season.. Maybe better...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jacksonville Gives up!

Jacksonville Owner Tropicana basically said he gave up this season! He declared a firesale of all his Major league talent. Starting first SP Pedro Bennett,  Bennett has very few accolades in his career but has managed to be very underrated over the last 8 seasons. Posting pretty good numbers as a #1/#2 SP in the organizations he's played for Bennett is going to make his new team much more frightening.

And that team is Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh has already made a huge trade about a week ago trading away Nolan Cain. But the addition of Bennett to add to their already star studded rotation was just enough to have the other owners in the division a little irritated.  Jacksonville received 2 prospects and a ML level RF veteran in Derek Swan. Jacksonville released the next player on the block is Odalis Vega! Who will be the team to win this lottery?

Sven Hall going to Iowa City?


Seattle traded 21 yr old  LR/RP Prospect Sven Hall to Iowa City for 27 yr old RP Aaron Jackson!! Seattle upgraded their Big League bullpen by adding former season 6 AL Fireman of the Year. While Iowa City gains some more youth in hopes of building a future contending team. Both owners were not available for comment!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Burrell off to a VERY fast start!


Just 20 games in and Burrell already has 13 HR's and 30 RBI. Burrell is on pace over 70HR at this point. Most likely this will slow down but if it don't.. Albert Wall's record could be in danger!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New York trading Outfielders!!

For a week now New York has been advertising a few of their outfielders in hopes of getting a trade for them.. I see 2 guys that could immediately make most anyone's ML squad better... Dingo Randall appears to be the most talented with great contact and eye.. He's an upgrade for most teams in the world...Randall is a career .292  hitter in his 6 ML seasons. He's also a 3 time All-star looking forward to another attempt at an All-Star appearance this season.. So people pony up a prospect or 2 and get this man.. He'll be worth your time!

Ezdra Guillen has been signed!!!

International Free Agent, Ezdra Guillen has finally been signed after a few days on the market. Seattle was the winning team in the bidding war offering him a 32mil dollar bonus and Spring Training Invite. Memphis was trying to sign the young stud SP but from what we gather Seattle is a nicer town and his girlfriend doesn't live too far from there.  Some advice to you Guillen.. That woman of yours will be your downfall. I promise.. So dump her ass! Again everyone ... Guillen to Seattle!


Huge trade between Detroit and Pittsburgh which sends 1 time NL All Star Nolan Cain to Detroit in exchange for future star SP Ned Banks!  Cain was the 3rd pick in season 1 and has served 4 seasons at the ML Level where he is improving every game.  Banks was the 2nd pick in Season 7. Banks looks to be a high control pitcher and is very good vs. both Left and right handed batters. He has a few good pitches and will be the #1 or 2 guy for ANY team. Today what seemed impossible was done. CAIN HAS BEEN TRADED!!!!!!