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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S10 AL Preview!

The AL North is where I'll begin, last season all 4 teams finished with above 90 wins but only 3 of them made the playoffs. Seattle Pilots were good enough to squeak in with a wild card entry but they also managed to pull off the seemingly impossible AL Championship. They went down to Cleveland in the World Series however.. This off-season Seattle hasn't done much of anything but they didn't really need to anyway.. They are going to be a hard team to beat this season. Salt Lake City on the other hand signed former Montreal LF Mariano Manzanillo and Former Durham RF Damian Tamura off Free Agency this off-season. They lost SP Santayana and SP John Nakamura to Free Agency but replaced them with some younger guys out of their farm. Salt Lake City has always been a personal favorite of mine to win it all but this season I think they just might fall a bit short.

Montreal, the most active of the AL North teams.. Losing P's Becker, Reid and Espinoza to Free Agency, They went and traded RP Hayes along with DH Maurer, 3B Parent and RF Rodgers for a slew of Prospects. It appeared to be Fire Sale time in Montreal..  But low and behold the true strategy came out by Montreal trading most of the prospects they acquired for High end Starting pitching. They also managed to Sign former MVP CF O'Brien to a huge deal to bolster their already solid offense. Montreal will improve from last season greatly if the pitching they added really helps them out. Kansas City also didn't do much in the off-season in regards to Free Agent signing but they did promote young Pitcher Raul Calvo and Trey Krause to the ML team. Look for KC to have another great season led by some great young talent and last seasons Cy Young winner Eli Hernandez.

Seattle: 99-63
Kansas City: 98-64
Montreal: 96-66
Salt Lake City: 88-74

The AL EAST is up next, First team in the AL East I'd like to discuss is Norfolk.. They traded SP Robinson Dreifort and lost CF Albert O'Briend and C Taylor Person to Free Agency. They acquired 3B Alex Parent and C Rondell Wilson as for the only big names. They aren't really in trouble in that division but they are going to still have a fight against Baltimore.. Baltimore didn't do much this off-season but what they did was added depth to their pitching. Not an amazing rotation but they have a solid offense to take them to most likely a first place finish. Jacksonville lost several to Free Agency but managed to re-sign SP Odalis Vega,  LF Otto Judd and SP Graham Langston. They have a pretty solid offense still led by Dan Hudler and Erv Hines two of the best hitters in the game. They could make a run at the division but I think they'll finish in 2nd. Last we have Philly...Philly has reduced their payroll and looks to be in rebuild mode. Philly ended last season with 60 wins giving them the 4th pick in this season's Amateur draft. This season will be no different for the Stars since  they pretty much suck..

Baltimore: 85-77
Jacksonville: 83-79
Norfolk: 70-92
Philly: 61-101

AL SOUTH: Let's start off with the former World Series Champs, Montgomery... Montgomery is still intact from last season only losing a couple relatively decent players to Free Agency. They are still the top dog in the South from what I can see loaded on the offense with Webb and Maxwell... The only team I see even competing with them is Memphis.. They added SP Jimmie Paul to the Rotation as well as continuing their youth movement. Is this the season we see Corino come up? If so that boosts Memphis to an actual playoff contender in my opinion. If they don't they'll be running with Huntington and Durham fighting for 2nd place. Huntington has been trying hard to rid themselves of big contracts and attempting to find a Starting Pitcher or 5 to make them a worthy contender this season... They did manage to capture SP Gary Mann and Promoted young SP Fred Cooke.. Some say he should have kept Cooke in the minors another season but this could be a good season for Cooke. Durham is under new ownership this season and they traded away Beltran to start things off.. I think they were smart ditching high payroll players and I feel they are going to be in rebuild mode for a few seasons...

Montgomery: 95-67
Memphis: 81-81
Huntington: 75-87
Durham: 60-102

That leaves us with the AL WEST! Salem is the first team I'd like to talk about.. They looked good last season and they managed to pick up a couple Free Agents.. nothing special.. But they did promote 2B Sherm Spence to the ML roster which will help a lot. Not sure wtf the owner is thinking but he released a few players and signed one back.. The attempt to build up the bullpen may have been the strategy.. I just hope it works out for him.... Colorado, The signing of SS Vic Tejada and RF Chris Marte could be a huge advancement in this teams performance. Also trading for DH P.T. Maurer brings more power to the lineup .. Colorado's pitching has improved with the return of SP Niko Barry! Next up! Las have to respect what Badoujack has done with this team.. He took over this team that had probably the worst group of players in season 5 to bring them to close to a winning record in just 3 seasons.. Not a tank job by any means.. He played who he could get and just tried to build up.. led this season by 3B Neifi Espinosa and newly acquired SP Bernie Alvarez. Las Vegas is going to attempt a jump in win pct. Last on our predictions and discussion is Helena! Key additions 1B Ray Rigby and LF Willie Guapo.. Helena is still a good team and will be competitive this season.. Look for Robinson to have another MVP type year.

Salem: 88-74
Colorado: 80-82
Helena: 80-82
Las Vegas: 70-92

Sunday, September 26, 2010

S10 Predictions!

I'll start off with the NATIONAL LEAGUE...  In the AL NORTH I think Cleveland will take the division only because the other 3 teams just haven't done enough to compete with them.. Detroit's Cain, Chong, Hurst threesome could be a huge help keeping the Detroit franchise close to Cleveland however I'm not sure if that will be enough. Chicago has Albert Wall.. So my order officially will be

Cleveland: 100-62
Detroit: 90-72
Chicago: 80-82
Portland: 62-100

Moving onto the NL EAST!  With Washington D.C. moving to Hartford and signing mainly power type hitters for their offense.. Something has to be said about the lack of pitching.. Look for them to hit a ton of HR's but give up about 10 runs per game... Pittsburgh, one of the biggest disappointments to me last season.. They are the best team assembled in the National League yet they can't get to the World Series... 2 straight NLCS appearances and knocked out both times.. They will win the division again and maybe this time get to the  World Series...Columbus will improve this season mainly because Hartford will probably suck real bad.. Same with Boston.. Boston is still figuring things out and moving up every season. This season they won't beat many teams but they will win around 60 games.

Pittsburgh: 110-52
Columbus: 72-90
Hartford: 70-92
Boston: 65-97

NL SOUTH is where it's at.. Austin will be the top team again with Shinjo leading them..Another disappointing team from last season. No major moves but they did lose a couple decent players during the offseason.. Look for them to still remain on top of the division... As I sit here I debate on the next teams motives or lack there of.. Louisville.. no moves going on in that organization for many seasons.. No real trade activity and no real Free Agent signings...Ted Mercedes retired this season but nothing else stands out. No IFA's and no trades have happened since season 6...  Onto the next team, Monterrey! Monterrey is the home of Triple Crown winner Harold Burrell! Among many other top talent Burrell will lead the Monterrey team to a 2nd place finish this season.. Last but not least, Charlotte... Charlotte added some depth in the Bullpen but they still lack any real offensive power and they don't have much of a rotation. Still a work in progress and I am willing to bet they will improve.

Austin: 95-67
Monterrey: 90-72
Charlotte: 71-91
Louisville: 62-100

NL WEST is where I feel this seasons biggest surprise comes in... I think Tucson wins this division this season because of the very active free agent period among the trades made... Combine that with St. Louis having a fire sale this season and fixing to probably barely win 60 games it's only fitting other teams will get better.. Honolulu will remain a tough competitor all season especially with Jaime Helton playing awesome for them.. And that leaves me with Iowa City! Iowa City's slowly getting there... They have some pretty impressive ML talent but not yet a playoff team. Last season they only won 53 games.. This season I expect them to finish much better.

Tucson: 85-77
Honolulu: 82-80
Iowa City: 60-102
St. Louis: 55-107

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing Columbus Owner Nyaggie

After helping Dubs go 50-112 in season 8 (as Triple A coach) I received a phone call from the GM of the Jets asking me if I would be interested in moving up to the big league and coach.After thinking about it for a couple weeks and evaluating the left over talent from the previous owner (rootgargle) I knew I would be starting from scratch but decided I was up for the challenge.My first big decision as head coach was trading for 2B Billy Neagle and he didn't disappoint hitting .310 and having 31HRs.

...As my first season progressed I knew it was going to be a lost cause so I traded as few ML talented players for some Minor Leaguers hoping to built up through them.

Then we had a good draft and brought in 3 future MLs (1B Andy Maduro, 3B Jerrod Harding and LF Josh Mock). After winning only 67 games in my first season I decided that it was time for a major change.So I let go a 5 players from last season’s team and bring up some of my younger talent that I felt was ready (mainly CF Benji Rios and 1B Robb Duvall) also bringing SP Vladimir James and Karim Bennett should help us win a few more games this season.

We are not talking playoffs this season, but anything less than a 10 game improvement will be a disappointment. Once all my young talent is ready to do their thing for the big league club everyone should watch out because that World Series trophy will be coming to Columbus.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Colorado Owner Ice_Rat

Ten years ago a Russian investment firm led by Vladamir Eisratt, who made his fortune in Russia in potato futures , he purchased the Colorado Grizzlies.

Since then, inept management has led to season upon season of sub par teams. While the Colorado fans rally around and support their team, the obvious mismanagement of funds, questionable trades and lack of a cohesive strategy have forced some pundits to wonder if the organization is anything but and easy way for Eisratt and Co to launder money, because, it is obvious, there is no true commitment to winning.

Friday, September 17, 2010

More Free Agents sign!

Charlotte makes a huge signing by acquiring RP Malachi Dalrymple! The 29yr old RP has great control and also great splits. He he has a 65-47 win-loss record and has posted 130 saves!

Jacksonville manages to get SP Graham Langston to re-sign with them! He agreed to  19.8mil over 3yrs. The team also added in a no trade clause to seal the trade. At 36 yrs old Langston will probably never play for another team.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doubleday Awards- 10 seasons down, 10 more to go!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

Over the past 10 seasons we have witnessed many owners come and go.. We have had some fierce competitors and some not so fierce.. We've had people that love this world and we had people that didn't love it so much. Regardless of all that we are still here and have a lot of guys that's been here for a long time. I would like to induct 3 owners to the Doubleday Owner Hall of Fame.. I have sat down for 3 days now and thought about how I wanted to do this and I feel there is no real way to be fair by placing a vote being that everyone didn't have the opportunity to play with these guys. 

First owner I'd like to induct is Rbedwell. Rbedwell was the owner of the Louisville Colonels (Now known as the Louisville Red Caps) and captured 5 World Series titles without doing much of anything. He was not a big trade person and he never tanked to get top picks.. He managed to compete every season and build pretty much from within.. Rbedwell left the world with a 613-359 (.631) record.

The next guy I'd like to induct is Keosawa... Keosawa was the owner of the Boston Beaneaters (now known as the Jacksonville Suns) Keosawa was controversial and had a lot to say in the blog chat. However as an owner he managed win his division 2 times and in those very seasons get to the World Series. He played only 4 seasons and ended with a record of 374-274 (.577). Keo was also a huge contributor to the blog.

Last I would like to induct Coonja76. Coonja was the owner of the Durham Tobacconists (now known as Boston Beaneaters) and managed to accumulate 3 division titles and a World Series Championship. Coonja was known for speaking his mind in the world chat. Coonja left Doubleday with a 423-225 (.653) record.

Love them or hate them.. These guys all were very competitive and dedicated to making their teams the best they could while they were here. They were the best of the best in Doubleday for many seasons.

I have a few other owners I'd like to give recognition to.

mele316:Even though you didn't win a championship you managed to take your team to 3 division titles and you proved you really were trying to get far. 

Jt3: 6 seasons with us and we know you had to take a leave. Hopefully one day you'll come back and bring the fighting spirit you always brought.

Austinfan1: Sucks that you had to drop our world. You were one of the best owners we had and you were learning the game very well. The door is always open.

Huge Free Agent signings!!!

 Tucson hit a few big FA's this season so far.. They managed to sign former Colorado 1B Matt Quirarte for a 5 yr 35.5 mil contract, RP Blaine Stanton 4yr 28mil contract with 4mil signing bonus and LR/SP Luther Alexander 2yr 14.6mil contract!!

Biggest FA so far for Norfolk would be the signing of 1B Gary Mateo by offering him 18.6 mil total over 4yrs.  Mateo  refused to be traded so he demanded to have a no trade clause in which the team accepted.

Las Vegas signed Bernie Alvarez!! The former 100mil man Alvarez was reduced to a 2yr contract totaling 17mil with a 4 mil signing bonus. The 38yr old will need to prove himself this season however I think this is his last contract ever.

Pitcher John Nakamura signed a 2 yr 9.6 mil deal with no trade clause with the Boston Beaneaters.

Hartford signed Catcher Taylor Person to a 1yr 3.8mil contract. Persons bat can be a huge help in the already POWER stuffed offense.

Six time AL All Star CF Albert O'brien signed a 5 yr 92.5 mil contract with the Montreal Shamrocks today! O'brien has won the MVP award in his career and Montreal hopes that the 30yr old CF can bring some luck to an already solid offense.

Huntington signed 1B Elvis Brooks to a total 3 yr 14.4 mil contract! This should be good for Brooks giving him a starting role on a team still needing some major help to contend.

Helena signed CF Rex Scott to a 2 yr 13.8mil contract! Scott could add some defense to the team as well as an ok bat.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Available Free Agents

1B B.J. Crane- 40hr 132 rbi and .274BA season 9
1B Matt Quirarte- 45hr 118 rbi and .311BA season 9
2B Clarence Vaughn- 29hr 93 rbi and .302BA season 9
SP Bernie Alvarez- 11-11, 162k's  and 4.68 era season 9
RP Malachi Dalrymple- 8-6, 35SV and 4.50 era season 9
LR Tim Barnes- 6-5,  2SV and 2.59 era  season 9
SP Graham Langston- 6-9, 119k's and 4.24 era season 9

Dreifort goes to Cleveland!

It's official! Norfolk agreed to trade SP Dreifort to the World Series Champs! He will receive Eddie Garciaparra  a RP prospect that dominate once he gets to the Majors. There were 2 other players included in the deal that will be named when the official trade is processed! Cleveland Also managed to upgrade the pitching staff again by trading for SP Pedro Beltran! Beltran is certainly going to be of help in what will probably be one of his final years in the world! Cleveland upgrades and gets tougher!

In other news Monterrey is putting CF Felipe Guerrero on the block in search of a younger CF.  Guerrero is one of the best lead off hitters in Doubleday so we shall see just how much it takes to get him moved to another team!


Montreal made 2 huge moves after they acquired several prospects 2 days ago.. They flipped the prospects they acquired for 2 very good Starting Pitchers from St. Louis! In an attempt to revive the team from last season Tomhighway appeared to be dumping salary like a madman!  Dean Gardner and Steve Hollandsworth are both heading to Montreal pending league approval! In exchange St. Louis will get 6 prospects.. The 2 biggest names are Charley Mayberry and Diego Eusebio

Huntington: Help wanted!

Owner Pchez has requested that his bid for Starting Pitching is still out there. I'm not quite sure what he wants to do.. But right now he wants above average Starting Pitching! All must be ML level and quality!

Starting Pitching available!!

Norfolk dropped a bombshell on the world last night by declaring SP Robinson Dreifort available for trade! Dreifort is a 3 time All-Star with a career win/loss total of 112-69. Dreifort will make any team significantly better. I hear there are a few probable locations he may end up. Montreal is the only team I know of that is interested in Dreifort. Nobody else is commenting...

St. Louis also announced a stud SP for trade! SP Dean Gardner is available! Gardner is only 1 of 2 stud SP's St. Louis is trying to deal away. Gardner has 2 All-Star appearances and a World Series championship to his credit. He has a career win/loss total of 75-56.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Detroit puts Harry Rodriguez on the block!

Sources say that Detroit has placed Harry Rodriguez on the Trade Block.  Rodriguez has the rest of this year and the following on his contract at 6.5mil. He hit .296 last season with 20HR and 70 RBI. He would be a good addition to a team trying to compete this season!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Season 9 MVP winners!

Most Valuable Player is one of the most prestigious titles you can earn while playing  any professional sport. It symbolizes greatness and also separates you from the rest.  Some say that your price goes way up when you win this award.. That is exactly what has happened in Season 9.  The 2 MVP award winners did just that.. Both of their stock has went way up and both of them deserved the award. First, The American League MVP Robert Robinson of the Helena Fruit Pickers.  Robinson hit 40HRs (his best since season 4) and drove in 105 rbi's while batting .308. Helena didn't win the World Series and they didn't manage to even really impress anyone but he was the lone bright spot on the team. Without him they would've had a much more miserable season. The National League MVP  however was VERY deserving of this award. Monterrey's Harold Burrell not only won this award due to his amazing numbers. He also won the Triple Crown award as well! Burrell ended the season with 68HR's, 161 rbi and a batting average of .345! Burrell led his team to their first ever playoff appearance and also secured himself a spot as one of the most dangerous hitters in the world. I am very sure this man will be the topic of trade talks for many seasons to come. I am also very sure Monterrey will never trade him.. But I also think there is a price for everyone.. This one would just be a very very steep price to pay!

Season 10 Begins! Some Rumors being tossed around!

 Season 9 World Series Champs have announced they are not willing to sign SP Joseph Park to a long term deal and have put him on the trading block. They also mentioned that both B.J. Crane and 3B Edgardo Mantalban are available as well! We could not reach anyone for comment regarding the  rumors but I'd imagine B.J. Crane is not happy with the situation.

The former Scottsdale Franchise has now moved to St. Louis and has new ownership! Amerith has agreed to purchase the team and also managed to get the city of St. Louis to agree to accept some arrangement to move the team THIS season.  Amerith has announced that team is willing to trade ANYONE on the team except RF Trevor Arnold.

Rootgargle has moved team to a new city.. And again has announced his firesale of the ML talent. He will not be dealing superstars Lefty Moore or Kurt Westmoreland.

New York Highlanders have been bought by a guy named Adreid and moved to Norfolk! Adreid has announced a few players available the most notable would be
SP Jimmie Paul.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Season 9 WORLD SERIES!!!

At the start of Season 9 had anyone predicted a Seattle vs. Cleveland World Series people would've thought you were crazy... Long shots at best for the chance to play in the biggest series of either of their teams career finally came to reality tonight! Seattle finished 3rd in one of the hardest divisions in Doubleday History and Cleveland pulled off a Division title with one of the top records in Doubleday this season. This series is going to be one of the most competitive World Series we've had the opportunity to witness! Both young teams with plenty of pitching and offense. Cleveland's 1B B.J. Crane has been to the World Series and won a ring back in season 3 so he has some big game experience. Crane said "You just have to forget about this being one of the biggest games of your life.. You have to treat this like Spring Training or something.." Tune into the World Series to see the amazing results!