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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top 5 Franchises in Doubleday History

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

In light of a new season, I'd like to pick my top 5 Franchises in Doubleday History.

1. Louisville: 4 Division titles, 3 Wild cards and 5 World Series Championships pretty much sums it up for this franchise. Rbedwell was the owner during the first 6 seasons where they accumulated over 700 wins. This team has dominated and with new ownership they may not be the same team but expect them to be a powerful force for another couple seasons.

2. Durham/Boston: 683 wins, 3 Division titles, 2 Wild cards and 1 World Series Championship. Coonja76 was the main guy to make all that happen. Boasting a great pitching staff the franchise located in Durham was on fire! Plus the only team to knock off Louisville in any playoff series in the first 6 seasons.

3. Scottsdale/Omaha: 615 wins, 4 Division titles, 0 Wild Cards and 1 World Series Championship. Austinfan1 took over the team in season 2 and turned the team into a winner. Currently one of the toughest teams in the world and still pretty young. Look for them to repeat this season.

4. Montreal: 662 wins, 5 Division titles, 0 Wild Cards and 2 World Series Appearances. Season 3 and Season 7 were rebuilding type years for the team.. Montreal is primed for another Division title run with their recent FA signings.

5. Philadelphia: 578 wins, 4 Division Titles, 2 Wild Cards and 1 World Series appearance. 6 out of 7 seasons with a 100+mil payroll only to get to the World Series 1 time. If at anytime there was a shot it was last season.

Mitch Palmer signs with Montgomery!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Montgomery, AL

Born in Jefferson, LA in 1978, Mitch Palmer grew up playing baseball at every level. Palmer was an All State RF and won 2 batting titles in College.. Palmer came to the Majors at the age of 24 and never turned back. Palmer holds the 3rd most hits in Doubleday history currently.

Palmer was offered 1.4mil for one season to play in Montgomery to try to help a team that's been down on their luck already this season. Palmer said during his press conference that he is going to help them get to the playoffs and he's planning on solidifying his name in Double Day history.

AL Predictions

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Salt Lake City Trappers 95-67
Seattle Pilots 93-69
Montreal Shamrocks 90-72
Kansas City Monarchs 85-77

AL East:
Jacksonville Suns 100-62
New York Highlanders 90-72
Philadelphia Stars 65-97
Baltimore Lords 62-100

AL South:
Montgomery Bombers 88-74
El Paso Sun Kings 80-82
Durham Bulls 77-85
Huntington Heroes 69-93

AL West:
Salem Volcanoes 80-82
Helena Fruit Pickers 79-83
Colorado Grizzlies 77-85
Las Vegas Thunder 60-102

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scottsdale Scorpions Season 8 News

Fresh off their first ever World Series, the franchise formerly known as the Omaha Spikes is not done tinkering with their roster. With the improvement of some fantastic young franchises like the Austin Swing and the Pittsburgh Crawfords, management decided it couldn't wait on most of its young guns to get to the majors.

Gone: Former first rounders Augie Yamaguchi and Buck Guthrie. All-Star caliber RF J.D. Krivda. Solid 5th starter Carl Snyder.

However, as with anything in life, you must give something up to get something. Last year's AL Cy Young Cristobal Velasquez joins arguably the world's best rotation with Gary Mann, Paul James, NL Cy Young Steven Hollandsworth, and All-Star Dean Gardner. Batting Average record holder Spike Logan takes over Krivda's spot in RF and should flourish in the friendly confines of the Davis Ballpark. 3b Hector Castillo shores up the left side of the infield and will vastly improve the combined production of Rodney Wynn and Tony King.

But Scottsdale ownership indicates that they still might not be done with trades. Long coveted LF Phil Maxwell is on the market and team sources indicate they may have what the Bombers are looking for. Additionally, the Scorpions management has indicated that if the team starts off slow, Trevor Arnold may get an early call to the bigs.

Time will tell if the moves pay off, but Scottsdale will be satisfied with nothing less than a 2nd world series title and NL pennant.

NL Predictions

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Season 8 NL Predictions

NL North:
Cleveland 93-69
Chicago 90-72
Detroit Wolverines 70-92
Boise Steelheads 66-96

NL East:
Pittsburgh Crawfords 100-62
Washington D.C. Senators 82- 80
Cincinnati Red Stockings 80-82
Boston Beaneaters 66-96

NL South:
Austin Swing 101-61
Louisville Red Caps 80-82
Monterrey Mustangs 71-91
Richmond Diamonds 60-102

NL West:
Scottsdale Scorpions 102-60
Vancouver Mounties 75-87
Iowa City River Bandits 70-92
Honolulu Asahis 69-93

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Season 8 news!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Season 8 has already started out with huge signings and big trades! We've had an All Star SP go down for the season and in the middle of the first official Hall of Fame voting.

Breaking News #1

Spike Logan going to Scottsdale is a huge deal.. I think Scottsdale plans on winning another title this season.. On the pace they are on, They just might..

Breaking News #2

Bernie Alvarez goes to Washington D.C. , Since the season started and the team has been under the ownership of optistrat they have been signing some huge names and building a rather good team.

Breaking News #3

Hoss Collins is out for the season.. Montgomery might as well just start planning for next season.. Unless they find a way to sign or trade for another Pitcher the caliber of Collins I highly doubt they have much of a chance to win 100 games.. Fortunately for them the division is still rather weak.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Agency Continues....

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

The latest batch of big named stars to sign:

1.) Helena: Robert Robinson (SS)-5 time All Star being paid 99mil/5yrs. Robinson a heck of a deal and being paid what he deserves being one of the best all around players in the world.

2.) Jacksonville: Oswaldo Navarro(1B)-2 time All Star and S7 MVP signs for 94.8mil/5yrs. This guy is the shit! Navarro has the potential to be the worlds all time leading slugger by the end of his career if he stays healthy.

3.) Salem: Miguel Alou (SP)-2 time All Star signs 100mil/5yrs with 2 mil bonus. Can't blame Salem for this signing! Alou being added gives them a chance to win the division!

4.) Cincinnati: Izzy Harris (1B)- 2 time Gold Glove 1B signs 11.7mil/3yrs. Last season's HR Drought hurt Harris but his bat seems to be improving every season! Look for him to post big numbers this season.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Season 8 Free Agency news!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

The last 2 days of Free Agency has been exciting to say the least.. You have some major stars going places you would've never thought they'd end up. Owner Jubalado of the Boise Steelheads signed P Rickey Grimsley, Grimsley is 81-62 career with a 3.66 era. The 1 time All Star was unable to be reached for comment.

P Rafael Pena is going BACK to Durham! Different franchise however.. Pena a 4 Time All Star, and former 2 time Cy Young winner hasn't slowed down at the age of 36 he still managed to win 17 games last season. Pena may have been a great bargain for $37.5/3yrs.

Montreal picked of 2 huge free agents! Dan Hudler and Homer Vance! Both of these players are going to pick up the offense. Hudler has the highest career OBP. in the world and Homer Vance is tied for the most hits in a single season. Montreal went and sold everyone last season to gain some prospects and now they blow up and buy 2 of the more expensive Free Agents in the world.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Season 8 is here!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Doubleday Headquarters, MO

We've officially started season 8 here in Doubleday! First I'd like to talk about new owners that have come into the world! Toledo was bought by optistrat and the team was moved to Washington D.C., The 3rd city this franchise has seen. Expect good things to happen this season as optistrat brings new ideas and strategies to the team. This season we have had 2 former Doubleday owners return but not to their former teams! Former Trenton Hoffa's (Detroit Wolverines) owner bobkordecki has bought out the former San Francisco franchise! And moved the team to Helena! Very experienced owner should help that franchise continue it's dominance. Also we've had Jubalado former Oakland Oaks (Iowa City River Bandits) owner has purchased the former Ottawa franchise and moved it to Boise! Not sure why Boise, but I guess he has his reasons..We also have sergei1991 buying the former Texas Colts team and moving them to Durham. I wish all of you luck in Doubleday!


1. Stiller has been banned from posting in the World Chat it seems...

2. Philly is trading everyone! Look for big trades to go down!

3. Dubs would blog chat if he wasn't at work!

4. Doubleday's first HOF nominations can take place this season!

5. Rootgargle of the new Cincinnati franchise is looking to move David Ortiz!

6. Congrats to Austin again for winning the World Series!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Opey Higgins


Finally a World Series that didn't include Louisville! This World Series is going to probably be the most exciting one yet in Doubleday History! Both teams with huge pitching and good offense!

Tale of the Tape:

Wins: Philly- 100 Scottsdale- 103
BATTING AVERAGE: Philly- .284 Scottsdale- .280
ERA: Philly- 3.33 Scottsdale- 3.48
Fielding %: Philly- .985 Scottsdale- .987

Key Players

Philly: Bernie Alvarez, Cristobal Velazquez and Valerio Pizzaro
Scottsdale: Gary Mann, Jocko Sexson and Izzy Green


Scottsdale wins in 7