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Monday, August 31, 2009



Defying the odds

With Toledo and Philadelphia posting over 100 wins this season it seemed only logical that you would probably see one or both of them in the World Series. Nobody expected the outcome that happened.. In 4 games Philly went down to the least likely team of Montreal in the AL and in the NL Louisville redeemed themselves from having a rough season to defeat Toledo in 7 games.. Now Montreal and Louisville meet in the World Series.. Montreal, again is the under dog going into what feels like an impossible series to finally bring the AL a Championship. Louisville is fighting to keep their undefeated World Series magic alive..

Game One

Mark Post wins his 4th straight game in the playoffs. Louisville is the only team to score off Post this entire post season. Erv Hines drove in 4 runs for Montreal while Brett Russell drove in 3 for Louisville.

Game 2 we have Luther Alexander (Mon) vs. Erick Shannon (Lou)

Friday, August 28, 2009


They said it couldn't be done.

They said it was damn near impossible.

They pretty much gave the Philadelphia Stars the World Series trophy, even before playing a single playoff game.

Nobody thought the Stars could lose.

Nobody, except the Montreal Shamrocks.

Montreal did the impossible today, completing a 4-game sweep of the heavily favored Philadelphia Stars. Montreal goes to its first ever World Series, where they will meet the winner of the Toledo/Louisville series.

Everybody here at Doubleday World would like to congratulate the Montreal Shamrocks, and team owner Tom Highway, on a job well done.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NLCS: Louisville vs. Toledo



Once again we find Louisville in the NLCS.. A rematch from Season 1.. Last time it was Louisville that ended up on top.. This series is going to be one of the best in Doubleday history.. Toledo showed all season they could get the job done and Louisville would never give up.. Toledo marched through a Honolulu team that swept Durham and now they face the team who has been here EVERY season in this worlds history. I feel this series will come down to game 7.. I can't even predict a winner. However this may be the season where we have 2 totally different teams in the World Series!

ALCS: Montreal vs. Philadelphia



After a long season where we seen many teams rise to the top of their divisions quickly only to drop way out of playoff contention by the end.. We also watched two teams take chances on what they viewed as their ticket to the World Series. First we have Philadelphia and their approach being to acquire older established veteran players to get the job done. They were poked fun at by others but it has proven to be a very good move.. Then we have Montreal, A team where they relied on speed and defense. Both methods seem to do the trick.. Montreal has one of the fastest teams in the world and Philly has one of the most powerful. They will clash in the ALCS to prove dominance over one another.. Mark Post leads Montreal to face Bernie Alvarez and Philly.. Only one team can leave as champs.. This is going to be a VERY grueling series.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doubleday: A Star Filled World!


I have compiled a list of the best players at each position. I will also include how many Playoff Appearances they have earned.


1.George Forrest(SF) - Season 1 and 5 playoff appearances with SF.
2.Santiago Cordero (TOL) - Season 5 playoff appearances with TOL.
3.Kid Sadler (SLC) - Season 4 Playoff appearance with SLC.


1. Albert Wall (CHI) - Season 3 playoff appearance with Alb.
2. Oswaldo Navarro (DUR) - Season 3,4,5 appearance with Boston and Durham.
3. Barry Broadhurst (Bal) - Seasons 1,2,4,5 appearances with VC,BOI,MON and BAL


1. Abraham Inge (OAK)- Season 4 appearance with Boston.
2. Johnny Durbin (Rich) - No ML post season experience
3. Ray Purcell (LOU) - Seasons 1,2,3,4 and 5 with Louisville


1. Robert Robinson (TB)- Seasons 2,4 with Alb and Boston.
2. Lee Florie (TEX) - Seasons 1,4 with SF and Jackson
3. Corky Grant (TOL) - Season 5 with Toledo


1. Jocko Sexson (BOS)- Seasons 1,3,4,5 with Colorado and Boston.
2. Hector Castillo (MON)- Seasons 2,4,5 with Montreal
3. Edgardo Mantalban (AUS) - Season 5 with Austin.


1.LF Philip Maxwell (STL) - Seasons 1,2,3,4,5 with BOS,MON,ALB and STL.
2.RF Spike Logan (CHI) - Seasons 2,3,4 with Alb.
3.LF Dan Hudler (DUR) - Seasons 1,2,3,4,5 with Durham.
4.LF Les Cloud (LOU) - Seasons 2,3,4,5 with Louisville
5.RF Winston Ripken (BAL) - Seasons 1,2,4,5 with VC, BOI,BAL
6.CF Albert O'Brien (NY1) - No post season experience

****I'll be listing the top 15 Pitchers in the world in the next post.****

Post Season Talk: Predictions- NATIONAL LEAGUE


Toledo vs. Honolulu
Series over

Toledo defeated Honolulu in 3 straight games. Honolulu already swept Durham making them appear very strong going into this series. Throughout the series Honolulu managed to lose only by a total of 4 runs.. Toledo appears to be the favorite in the NLCS regardless of who they play.

Louisville vs. Austin
Game 4

In game 1 Louisville toasted Austin 8-3 showing that they may have not won the division but they are still one of the toughest teams in Doubleday. It has been back and forth in game 2 with Austin doing the smashing then in Game 3 with Louisville... It's now time for Game 4.. Game 4 promises to be the best game yet between the two division rivals. Les Cloud can continue to add to his career post season numbers of 12 HR, 32 RBI and .292BA. While Austin full of post season first timers want to etch their names among the greats in Doubleday. Tonight I pick Austin to tie the series!

Post Season Talk: Predictions- AMERICAN LEAGUE



With Montreal up 2 games to 1 over Baltimore tonight we have SP Bruce Shea starting for the Shamrocks against SP Boots Lesher of Baltimore. Boots have NEVER lost a post season game but Montreal has a very strong squad of veteran players that have seen the post season. Like Pete Relaford - (Montreal, Durham) .336 BA, 11 HR, 36 RBI in 33 Games and Cory Evans - LR Cory Evans (SF, ALB, Mon) 5-0 w/l , 2.83 era , 1.03 WHIP in 12 games. Don't be surprised if Baltimore takes this to game 5. If they do, Hopefully they start the most successful Post season pitcher on their team Junior Cerveza - (SF, ALB, Balt.) 7-1 w/l, 2.24 era, .88 WHIP in 12 Games. I say Montreal takes the series tonight.

Philadelphia vs. San Franciscso
Game 4

Philly is also up 2 games to 1 and they have the potential to take out San Francisco. Rumor is SP Bernie Alvarez will be making the start against SP Darron Becker. Alvarez has posted good numbers in the post season over his career with a 5-2 w/l, 1.51 era ,.97 WHIP in 8 games while the best offense in the league is behind him. Becker has to hope his offense shows up especially veteran C, George Forrest. In just a little over 2 hours we will see if SF can keep themselves alive for game 5!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The American League begins the Division Championship Series with two teams defying the odds and advancing. Heavily favored Boston fell to the AL West Champs San Francisco Seals, while the Baltimore Lords took out the higher seeded St. Louis Maroons. That sets up the next round of games, which begins today.


San Francisco is just happy to be here. Philadelphia expected to be here. The Seals advance to this series with a stunning 3-game sweep of the heavily favored Boston Beaneaters. The prize for accomplishing that feat? Face the team with best record in the entire world.


The Seals will try to ride the bat of George Forrest. Forrest had a career year, hitting .349 with 46 home runs. If the Seals have any chance of beating Philadelphia, Forrest must remain on a tear. They will also need big outputs from Billy Neagle and Vince Payton. Philadelphia bring their Big Three to the series, three men who provided more than 125 combined home runs and over 400 combined RBI's. Their superstar? Valerio Pizzaro, who led the team with 54 home runs and a .320 average. Otto Judd is no slouch, contributing a .319 average, while slugging 44 home runs.


If the Seals have one weakness, it's their pitching. Darron Becker is their ace, winning 14 games this past season with a 3.94 ERA. David Shin had a solid season as well, winning 13 games with an ERA a hair over 4.00. After that, it's anybody's guess. Philadelphia, on the other hand, arguably has one of the best starting rotations in the entire world. They are led by record breaker Bernie Alvarez, who had an amazing 25-4 record with a 2.49 ERA. As Bernie goes, so go the Stars. Cristobal Velazquez and Jorge Beltre both contributed with 16 wins a piece during the regular season. All three of the Stars' top starters are innings eaters who can dominate at any given time. Usually automatic closer Larry Hart added 30 saves out of 35 chances, with a 4.71 ERA. Hart wasn't as dominating as in past years, so the Seals have to take advantage if put in that situation.


The Seals have had a nice season, but it's time for Philadelphia to bring them back down to reality.



Baltimore advances after a thrilling game five win over St. Louis, they now face the Shamrocks of Montreal.


The Shamrocks proudly displayed the career season best of Boomer Brooks, who led the Shamrocks with 38 home runs and a .286 average. Erv Hines had a huge impact with Montreal after coming over in a trade from Boston, contributing a .352 average with 17 bombs. Montreal needs those two players to be hot for them to advance. Baltimore bring one of the best offenses to the playoffs, with Barry Broadhurst and Winston Ripken leading the way. They both earned averages over .300 and slugged 40+ home runs a piece. With Joaquin Martinez and Keith Lee also in that lineup, you can see exactly how nobody wants to face this team come playoff time.


Mark Post and his 21 victories lead the way for the Shamrocks. He's a complete ace who can turn up his game at any moment. Bruce Shea contributed with 5 victories since coming over from Boston, and Luther Alexander makes a solid #3 starter. The Lords have a solid rotation, with Lyle Coco leading the way with his 15 wins. Junior Cerveza, obtained from the Albuquerque Dukes earlier in the season, is an ace-quality pitcher. Look for Dave Perkins to have a solid series.


If there's one team who will continue their upset run, look for it to be the Lords.



It looks like a mismatch on paper, but that's why they play the games. Honolulu sent the Tobacconists packing, as they advance to this round. Toledo is well rested, waiting anxiously for their next opponents.


The Asahis only hit a hair over .260 as a team. None of the Asahis' main offensive threats aren't household names, but they can definitely put the runs on the board. They are led by Chris Marte and his 45 home runs. Alex Bonilla contributed 32 home runs as well, but neither man was able to sport an average over .270. Toledo is led by Brian Nomura and David Ortiz, who each hit over 30 home runs a piece, while respectively knocking in 100 RBI's. For the Maumees to advance, they need their other hitters in their lineup, such as Chuck Romero and Corky Grant, to come through big-time at the plate.


Honolulu's Ed Karsay won 15 games this past season, earning him a spot on the all-star team. Javier Pineda and Damion Mitchell each won 14 games for the Asahis, and all three pitchers were able to pitch more than 200 innings a piece. All three need to pitch well, and long, for the Asahis to have a chance. Toledo was led by Bert Blair, his 20 wins, and his miniscule 2.63 ERA. Leon Haynes was his usual spectacular self, a 17-3 record and a 3.07 ERA. Gary Bell, with a 15-5 record and a 3.09 ERA, is your #3 starter? Now that's a deep rotation.


Toledo's rotation is just too much for Honolulu's offense to handle.



Austin is 1 for 5 in playoff appearances. Louisville is 3 for 4 in World Series WINS. Just how will this one go down?


Julian Jacquez is the one to fear in the Swing' lineup, as he belted 38 home runs and a .315 average. Dave Coleman and Midre Guerrero each blasted more than 35 home runs a piece in Austin's super potent lineup. The Colonels are led by Les Cloud and Julian Julio, two power hitting beasts who almost combine for 100 total home runs between the two. Veteran Ted Mercedes is no slouch, hitting .324 for the season with 30 home runs.


Austin has 4 guys in their starting rotation who earned 15 victories or more last season. Felipe Maradona is the team ace, winning 16 games with a 3.25 ERA. Their bullpen is the weakness, as only one player (Lloyd Carter) has an ERA under 4.00. Now, if you're a playoff fan, then these names should ring a bell. Bono Stone, Glenallen Clontz, Matthew Brown, and Erick Shannon. These guys make their living the playoffs for the Colonels. And they are back, once again.


Would you dare bet against Louisville in the playoffs? I sure won't.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Team Interview: Ottawa

Opey: Shooting for your 4th consecutive division title. Do you feel you have anything to worry about when it comes to winning the division with 10 games left?

Hoya:I didn't think so until a 12 game swing, us losing 6 and Chicago winning 6 in a row.

Opey: Offense or Pitching? Which one do you think got you where you are right now?

Hoya:No question my pitching. This Ottawa team hasn't been able to hit in 4 years. I've switched batting coaches a few times, and turned over the roster. Nothing seams to work.

Opey: If there was one player you could acquire who would it be?

Hoya:Anybody with a pulse that can hit. But seriously, it would have to be Albert Wall.

Opey: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

Hoya:No problem, anytime

Monday, August 17, 2009

Record Breaker: SP Bernie Alvarez


Opey: Ladies and gentlemen we have Bernie Alvarez, SP from Philadelphia here with us today. Bernie you have broken the single season win mark that Montreal's Bruce Shea held. How do you feel?

Alvarez: Firstly I would like to say that its an honour to be included in the same bracket as Bruce Shea as he is a truly great pitcher. Obviously from a person standpoint I consider this to be the greatest achievement of my career. However, baseball is a team game and I just want to go out there and give my team every possible chance of winning and thankfully I have been able to do this on many occasions this year.

Opey: Is there anything you'd like to say about your team?

Alvarez: Its hard for me to say much about my team! We have let our baseball do the talking for the entire season and are now up to the 100 win mark. However, we want to continue this into the post season and bring home the world series to this wonderful sporting city.

Opey: How about something to your opponents?

Alvarez: I have been very impressed with both Boston and St Louis this year and I am sure that they will make it tough for us in the post season and then ofcourse there is Toledo, Durham and Louisville in the NL who are 3 of the most consitent teams in Doubleday. But here in Philly we are very happy with the team we have and look to continue our good form and are confident that we can bring the WS back to the AL.

Opey: Congrats to you on a very big achievement! I hope to see you do well in the playoffs!

Alvarez: You and me both, Opey!

Opey: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me.

Alvarez: My pleasure!

Team Interview: Anaheim

Opey:You were given a pretty hard job this season. Do you feel that you've achieved anything since coming to Anaheim?

kneeneighbor: I thnk that we walked into a difficult situation. With the previous ownership going through a very messy very public divorce it was clear the Robins were not his first priority.

We could not have taken over at a worse time. The season was about to begin, our scouts had been set and we didnt have time to get set up the way we wanted.

That said we did make some positive strides. We made a few trades that brought back players we can count on next year. We also cleared a lot of salary which will allow us to make better use of that money next season whether it is in the FA market or in our day to day operations and scouting.

On the field we managed to put two minor league teams into the playoffs nad at the Major League Level we showed signs that there are players here who can get the job done.

Opey: Who is your most valuable player?

kneeneighbor: This is a difficult question to answer... Who had the best season for us? That's Joaquin Plata. .286 .357 .623 with 43 HRs is a very good season.

However when it comes to value two guys that need to be mentioned are Don Wagner who played CF in just about every game for us this year and Walter Davey. Davey;'s numbers will nto impress anyone but he has managed 10 wins and will throw over 200 innings. With out that who knows where we are.

Opey: How long do you feel it will take to be in contention with this team?

kneeneighbor: We have a 3 year plan in place. Does that mean we are in theWorld Series in 3 years? Who knows, but we plan on being a playoff contender in that time if not sooner.

Opey: If you could acquire anyone in the world who would it be?

kneeneighbor: Anyone can see we need more than one player. That said I think the first thing we need to add is someone to stick in the middle of our line up who can hit for some power. Anyone that fits that description could come play for us.

Opey: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Rob Root

San Francisco has done it again! The Seals have defeated the Albuquerque Dukes 7-4, behind the pitching of Darron Becker. He improves to 13-8 on the season with a brilliant 7 inning performance, giving up just 2 runs on 6 hits. Nolan Lowery and Pinky Donovan had 3 hits a piece, while George Forrest pitched in his 42nd HR of the season.

The win gives the Seals a 2-game advantage over the Dukes in the AL West. The last game of the series is scheduled in a couple hours. San Francisco will be starting David Shin (11-10, 4.14 ERA), while Albuquerque will start Louis Peterson (7-11, 5.27 ERA). The Dukes need a win bad to stay with the Seals for the division lead.

AL WEST RACE - ALB v SF, Round One

Rob Root

August 15, 2009 starts what could be the most important series of the year, if you're in the AL West.

A three-game set begins in Albuquerque, where the Dukes host the San Francisco Seals. Both teams are deadlocked with 72-73 records. So depending on how this one ends up, we could very well see one of these teams take a huge leap over the other, en route to an AL West Title.


Antone Hoover (7-7, 4.02 ERA) v Barry Thompson (4-6, 4.87 ERA)

The game starts out slow for the first two innings. Both teams trying to get a feel for the other. In the third inning, San Francisco gets on the board. Vince Payton gets the Seals on the board with a 2-RBI double, followed by an RBI single by George Forrest. The Seals manage to add 2 more runs to the score, and the Seals take the early lead.


Hoover is on cruise control, as he continues to have his way with Duke hitters. The bottom of the 5th arrives, and he finds himself in some trouble. An RBI double by Pasqual Astacio puts the Dukes on the board. Billy Meyers gets into the act with a 2-run HR. The Dukes find themselves back in the game.


San Francisco manages to add a run to their total, as Nolan Lowery's RBI single puts the score at 6-3. But Albuquerque gets back into the swing of things in the bottom of the 7th. RBI singles by Jeff Berry, Quinn Street, and Elvis Brooks evens things up.


Sonny Howry makes a huge impact in the game by drilling an RBI triple, scoring Chad Mahaffey, giving the Dukes the first lead of the game. Jeff Berry bloops a single in, scoring Howry. The Dukes might be finally pulling away.


With two men on and one out, Nolan Lowery hits into a fielder's choice, scoring a run. Then, Jude Keats steps to the plate. Down by a run, one swing of Keats' bat gives the Seals a 2 run lead. A gigantic 2-run HR by Jude Keats, and that's your ball game.


The win gives the Seals a one-game advantage in the AL West over Albuquerque. Game two of the series is tonight.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Playoff Race!


The playoff are only 20 games away and we have some really heated battles and we have some really big blow outs going on.. Teams that were 10 games back just 50 games ago are now challenging for the division lead. Some teams that were closer are now almost completely out of it. We'll start off in the AL.

Montreal has led the division all season long, At one point they had a 10 game lead but that's now been narrowed down to 5.5 games.. Losing CF Fritz Neugebauer for the season and a few other injuries have caused Montreal to slip off the pace it was on. Salt Lake City has been on fire winning 10 of their last 13 games including taking a series from Philly. Just 19 games left to play Montreal has a lot of time to screw this up.

Philly has started this season dominating... Boston and Baltimore were relatively even for the first half of the season. After the All Star break Boston and Philly kicked it into another gear leaving Baltimore behind. Now just 3 games separating Philly and Boston with both teams on a very impressive win streak it's just a matter of time before one of them slip off giving the other a chance to secure the division. Baltimore is now 15.5 out of first but tied for the 2nd Wild card spot with Salt Lake City so they are still in it. Either way it goes the division winner here takes a first round bye in the playoffs.

St. Louis wasn't always the front runner in the AL South but after making a huge trade with Albuquerque giving them Maxwell they seemed to turn things around. Regardless of Maxwell not being the reason for the change, STL went on a big win streak to gain a very big lead over the rest of the division. Unfortunately Huntington and Texas are probably out of the playoff picture but anything can happen with both teams being less then 8 games off the 2nd Wild Card spot.

Evem after trading away just about all the veteran talent on the team, Albuquerque is still sitting on the top of the West. San Francisco is right there behind them only 1 game back however I am not sure exactly how they can't be 10 games ahead of the Dukes yet. Colorado at one point appeared to be closing in to take advantage of the Dukes but fell back 9 games. Still isn't over but as of now it just might be the Dukes making another playoff appearance.

Ottawa is 8.5 games ahead of Chicago and only 19 games left until they are crowned division champs for the 3rd straight season. Not even Albert Wall and Spike Logan is giving Chicago much of a chance to get themselves the edge over a pitching dominant Ottawa franchise. Right now it appears that Chicago has a better chance of catching Ottawa then getting in on a Wild Card. Good luck Chicago!

It's been 4 seasons since Toledo was the best in the NL East.. Finally they are at the very top of the division with Durham on their heels only 5.5 games away. Toledo the only current 90+ game winner in the NL is a shoe-in for the playoffs. It's just a matter if they can hold on to the division or not.

It has been a dog fight ALL season between Richmond, Austin and Louisville. For the first time in Doubleday Louisville just MIGHT not win the division. Hell they may not even make the playoffs at this rate. 3.5 games out of first in the division and 1 game away from getting in on a Wild Card, Louisville to me is the favorite due to the past but if Austin can hold on this would be the teams first ever playoff appearance! Everyone in that division has my support.

Probably the most disappointing division looking at the records.. The NL West has teams boasting some HUGE talent. Honolulu is currently the top dog right now with Omaha hanging in there 5 games behind. Honolulu hasn't been to the playoffs since season 1 so this is a pretty big surprise when the odds on favorite coming into the season was Omaha. I will be doing a team interview with Omaha on Sunday!

There you have it, some surprises this season.. Maybe this season we will see 2 completely different teams in the World Series!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Team Interview: Richmond


Opey: Opey Higgins here doing an interview with Richmond owner BBMogul. BB, Since taking over the franchise, What was your main goal?

BBM: This was a very good team going in. My main goal was to just improve it where ever I could. I figured by moving it from a pitchers park to a hitters park was the first step. After that, it was just a matter of upgrading here and there.

Opey: You signed a very expensive Free Agent in Mercado, do you feel it was worth the risk?

BBM: Actually, I signed 2 $20M pitchers; Mercado and Tom Lofton. Lofton has actually been the better of the 2. Mercado got hurt at the 85 game mark and the team went into a little bit of a tailspin (49-36 before his injury, 17-11 while he was out, and 11-5 since his return). And yes, I feel both are worth the risk (so far).

Opey: You are in the lead currently do you feel you can hold onto the top spot and take home the division?

BBM: We've fallen a little of the pace but I feel we've got a better than average chance of bringing a division title to Richmond. Provided the pitching holds up that is. Pitching is what will lead this team through the playoffs and hopefully a WS title.

Opey: If there was one player in the world you could get who would it be?

BBM: There are a few I'd be interested in trying to aquire. Who wouldn't want Abraham Inge of Oakland. But that's too easy of a choice. I would really be interested in Albert Wall of the Chicago Whales or either of Salt Lake Cities catchers, Kid Sadler or Al Molina

Opey: Thanks for participating in the interview.

BBM: No Problem!

Friday, August 7, 2009

**BREAKING NEWS** No baseball in Albuquerque?

Throughout the entire existence of the Doubleday World, baseball in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been a consistent part of the summer ritual.

However, that may be soon changing.

Albuquerque owner Rob Root has dropped hints of an eventual team relocation during the offseason. Root hasn't indicated on moving destinations yet, but he says don't rule out the possibility.

"I can definitely vision the Dukes in another city. Maybe more of a pitcher's park is just what this team needs, with more of a pitching philosophy. I mean, it's nice to have a potent offense, but without pitching, you're nothing. Times are definitely changing for the Dukes..."

Look for Mr. Root to make an official announcement sometime in the offseason.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Player Spotlight: C George Forrest and LF Les Cloud

I'm taking the time tonight to discuss 2 players that really don't get much attention in Doubleday. San Francisco's George Forrest and Louisville's Les Cloud.

George Forrest has played his entire career in San Francisco thus far and has been one of if not the top production in that offense. With limited durability and play time Forrest has managed to average 37 HR's and 93 RBI per season. Forrest is a 3 time All Star as well. This season San Francisco is finally back in a position to win the AL West. Could this be the year Forrest gets a shot to win a ring? We will find out in 40 games.

Les Cloud was drafted 10th in the 1st round of the season 1 draft. He worked up through the minors in season 1 and into season 2.. Toward the end of season 2 Cloud was promoted to the Big leagues and performed very well. Since then he's averaged 40 HR's and 105 RBI per season in Louisville. Cloud is a 3 time All Star and Season 3 Rookie of the Year. Louisville is not done this season and could reclaim the division lead when it's all said and done.. Cloud could just be the one to help them get there.

Single season records on the verge of being broke...

Opey Higgins

Setting a record is one of the most enjoyable accomplishments a player can have during a career. Several of those records are being threatened this season. To Start off Chicago's Albert Wall is only 2 hr's off pace to beat Blade Stevenson's single season Home Run record of 71. Wall with 57 currently has 42 games to hit just 14 Home Runs to become the Home Run king in Doubleday.

Also, We have Philadelphia's SP Bernie Alvarez just 2 games shy of putting himself in a tie for the most single season wins of 23. Alvarez still has plenty of time with his 21- 4 record to beat Bruce Shea's record single season win total.

Last but certainly not least Colorado's Neil Campbell has 90 SB's with the remaining 42 games to swipe 39 more sb's to break the single season record held by now retired Javier Pineiro.

It's going to be exciting to see if these records are going to be broken.. So we will continue to follow along as we close out this season... One last record being threatened is the most losses in a season.. The most losses in a season by a P is 22 held by J.R. Charlton currently on Anaheim's AAA team.

(written by TomHighway)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Trade Deadline Frenzy... That Never Was.

I can picture it now.

All you baseball geeks out there, getting ready for the big deadline.

Mega-nerds with baseball literature in one hand, a Phil Maxwell bobble-head in the other, positioning themselves in front of a television, just waiting to see who gets dealt where.

It's the time of the year where the contenders move past the pretenders.

It can mean the difference between resting on a first round bye, and resting until next season.

Geeks check their wrist-watch, and eagerly await for the moment of truth.

And they all find out... a collective unit...

...that, well, nothing happened.

No wait, let me change that.

Boots Lesher goes to Baltimore for 3 schleps.

There's your trade deadline frenzy, people!! GO CRAZY!!

I mean, did anybody seriously think a major move would be made at the deadline?

Sure, we've seen it in the past. It's a yearly ritual that Doubleday owners love to take advantage of.

But the first half of the year saw the likes of Albert Wall, Mark Post, Pedro Bennett, Erv Hines, Robert Robinson, Johnny Durbin, Abraham Inge.. (takes a breath) Teddy Collier, Bruce Shea, and a million other talented Doubleday-ers.

And damn, I didn't even mention Albuquerque's purge of virtually every single drip of talent on their ML roster. Phil Maxwell? Spike Logan? Poseidon Webber? Junior Cerveza? All outta there! In fact, Albuquerque went ahead and RETRADED young players they got in previous trades!

All were made, WELL before the trade deadline.

And now, as we waited for the big moment of truth, all the true baseball purists end up being disappointed.

Congratulations Baltimore, you got one helluva Long Reliever there! Maybe, just MAYBE, a 5th Starter!

Thank God somebody at least did something.

Oh, and the geeks out there thank you as well.