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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Playoff Predictions!!

#6 Memphis vs. #3 Salem- Although Memphis barely entered the playoffs I feel with the players on this team they can win this series. 3-2 MEMPHIS

#5 Kansas City vs. #4 Jacksonville- As much as I love Dan Hudler and Erv Hines, Jacksonville doesn't stand a chance against a team that just simply has it all!  3-1 KANSAS CITY

#6 Detroit vs. #3 Honolulu- Detroit finally made the playoffs!!! Now they are going to lose to a very good Honolulu team. 3-2 HONOLULU

#5Tucson vs. #4 Pittsburgh- Tucson is also in their first ever playoff appearance! This series to me will be the closest of all! Tucson put together a very good team and a good run at the end of the season to make it here. Pittsburgh has let me down for the last 3 seasons.... I pick 3-2 TUCSON

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bailey No Hits the Stars!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Las Vegas, Nevada

The game started out like any other game.. Not a very important game for either team however that would change. SP Rene Bailey would step on the mound and become part of Doubleday History! Bailey would not allow one hit throughout nine innings! Philly didn't have an answer for him all night long. Bailey has a career win/loss of  81-93 coming into this game which is what makes this extra special for the veteran. Congrats to Rene Bailey and hopefully you will shock us again!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

700 Stolen Bases!

Fonzie Puffer has reached 700 stolen bases in his career! The first man to do so in Doubleday history has been really killing it over the last 8 seasons. Puffer holds the single season stolen base record with 155 topping the previous best 128 of retired Javier Piniero. Puffer hasn't been the best hitter in his career but when he got on base he gives his team a chance to score every time. Congrats Fonzie!

Maxwell and Shinjo on record pace!

Montgomery's Philip Maxwell and Austin's Alex Shinjo both have 41HR's in the first 100 games. With 62 games left both men could potentially hit another 25+ bringing them both to approx. 65HR. I would imagine both of them with their current batting averages and ability to make things happen to rival Albert Wall's single season record of 74. We will follow this story as it unfolds as we wind down to the end of the season.

Inge signs contract extension!

Cleveland signed Abraham Inge to a 3 year 34.5 mil deal! Inge is just 28 years old and has a good 6 or 7 years left in him. Cleveland and Inge have been going over this contract for a few weeks now and finally made it happen. Inge a lifetime .294 hitter has one of the highest on base percentages in the world continues to rack up an impressive Hall of Fame resume each season.