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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mid-Season Power Rankings!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where are they now? Rookie of the Year winners!

NL Season 1: Albert Wall - NL ROY has eclipsed the 500 HR mark! Wall also has the single season HR record of 74. Wall is a former 2 time NL MVP, 3 time HR Derby champ and 7 time All-Star
AL Season 1: Valerio Pizzaro - Pizzaro has hit the 400 HR mark and will probably end his career with around 500. Pizzaro 1 time HR Derby Champ and 3 time All-Star.

NL Season 2: Brett Raymond- in season 2 Raymond went 16-7 to win the NL ROY award.. Since then he's won no more than 14 games and hasn't had much of a career. Raymond is a 1 time All-Star and has 2 World Championship rings to his credit.
AL Season 2: Oswaldo Navarro-  in 8 ML years Navarro has hit 40 HR's in 7 of them! Navarro has won a MVP award and 3 time All-Star.

NL Season 3: Les Cloud- Cloud has been part of the Louisville Franchise from day 1.One of the biggest threats in the ML, Cloud has accumulated 6 time All-Star, 1 time All-Star MVP , 1 time HR Derby Champ, and 4 World Championship rings.
AL Season 3: Abraham Inge- Inge started a little slow in his career after taking the ROY award home but he has made a nice transition since then. Inge has managed to become a 3 time All-Star and also has 1 World Championship ring to his credit.

NL Season 4: Lefty Moore- In his 6th ML season Moore has done a lot to cement his name into the Doubleday HOF. At 27 he's already hit 281 HR while being one of the most feared hitters in the NL. Moore has 1 MVP award and 3 All-Star appearances.
AL Season 4: Charlie Hitchcock- Hitchcock has to be one of the biggest disappointments to ever win the ROY award. In 155 starts he's only won 50 games...He has 1 All-Star appearance.

NL Season 5: Harry Bennett- Since his 18-9 performance in season 5, Bennett had 2 more consecutive 18 wins seasons. Even with the 2 18 wins seasons he only managed to be an All-Star 1 time.
AL Season 5: Rafael Seanez- Seanez had a great rookie season but hasn't even came close to that level of play since. Seanez managed to gather 2 Gold Gloves for RF since his ROY award win.

NL Season 6: Jamie Helton- Helton had a phenomenal rookie season and he hasn't really let up yet! Averaging 40hr/year and over .300ba. Helton has 1 All-Star appearance in his career.
AL Season 6: Kevin Strickland- 52 HR in his rookie season with Colorado. Strickland appeared to be a new threat. For 2 more seasons he hit pretty well over 30 hr per season then he was picked up by Kansas City..He hasn't had a full ML season since season 8. He is in AAA right now awaiting further instructions.Strickland has 1 All-Star appearance.

NL Season 7: Eduardo Gandarillas- 51-22 since his rookie year , Gandarillas is a very feared Pitcher. He hasn't been able to do well enough to garner an All-Star appearance.
AL Season 7: Branch Ryan- Ryan is a solid 1b/C and has averaged 27 HR per season. Much like his NL ROY partner he also hasn't garnered an All-Star appearance.

NL Season 8: Alex Shinjo- 100 HR and 200 RBI in his first 2 seasons, Shinjo is going to be a beast! Shinjo already an All-Star and has hit for the Cycle in his career.
AL Season 8: Fausto Vargas- 45 HR and 203 RBI in 2 seasons, Vargas is on his way to becoming a very good player! Vargas is already a 2 time All-Star.

NL Season 9: Trevor Arnold & Billy Herbert- Arnold hit over 30HR in his first season wh ile Herbert went 10-1. Both guys got exactly the same amount of votes. Arnold hasn't won any awards yet while Herbert has a World Championship ring.
AL Season 9: Erubiel Bournigal- All-Star and Golden Glove in his first season! Bournigal is going to have a very promising career.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wall hits 500!!!!

The night of October 9th Chicago played Charlotte.. Albert Wall had been in a big HR drought only hitting 2 Home runs in the previous 9 games. Wall closing in on his 500th HR for his career.. We all knew it would happen ... When was what everyone was asking. Well here we are and Francis Cortes was the lucky victim to give it up! With 1 out in the top of the 7th Albert Wall crushed 400ft blast to RF! Albert Wall is only the 2nd hitter in Doubleday History to achieve this milestone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Corino Promoted!

Memphis promoted season 6 #1 draft pick, SP Norm Corino to the ML roster on 10/4/2010. Corino started his first ML game on 10/5 against Helena where he gave up 10 hits and allowing 6 runs. Corino was scouted by many to be the best Pitcher to ever pitch in Doubleday History. At 22 years old he has a lot of time to improve but I can see him being a multi-time Cy Young winner in his career barring no other stud pitchers arrive and steal his spotlight.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Call the police we have some serious theft going on!

Today we will begin watching not only the 500 career Home Run milestone get another member.. We will also begin watching 2 guys hit the 700 career Stolen Base milestone! Fonzie Puffer and William Webster both are within striking distance of hitting 700 really soon.. Puffer has 690 and Webster has 682! Both of them barring injury will hit 700 for the season. At their age they will likely be the first 2 for a while.. being that the closest active player is Neil Campbell with 549. Campbell is 29 so if he has some good seasons he will be the 3rd and possible to hit 800.