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Monday, June 28, 2010

Doubleday Update!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Commissioner

Opey Higgins is out sick so I am taking the duties of writing an update for Doubleday Daily. First off I'd like to start off with saying Devon is an asshole.. He has finally managed to get big FA's this season and possibly be able to piss everyone off here by getting to the World Series.. I'd like to say to everyone that reads this.. Do ANYTHING you can to knock him off.. He is simply one of those owners that don't stop once he starts winning.

Second, Any cash involved in trades from now on be ONLY for when one of the teams involved have to get some help to keep them below the cap. Anything extra that would be considered "Selling" or "Paying" another player to take your player will be vetoed. I'm sorry but this is the best for the world. Enough of that topic.. Moving on..

Honolulu makes the first huge IFA Signing in the world. Frank Satou is a RP that looks to be potentially the best RP to ever come into the world. If he hits his peak he will be a very dominant force.

As for the Airline issue... I almost agree with the fact maybe we should have realistic differences between teams in each division.. I'm game to move my team if need be ..  However I need a more suitable city.. in the North... Possible Boise.. We'll see who can be the best fit.

Season 10 is coming ..... I'd like to get something together for our guys who's stuck it out with us for 9-10 seasons.. They are truly dedicated to this world and I appreciate them greatly. Thanks guys.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does Doubleday Have Stock in the Airline Industry?

By Jules Merchant

At its heart, baseball is a regional game, from the old barnstorming days of the Midwest to the classic rivalries of the New York suburbs.

From its inception, however, the Doubleday Baseball League, named after the sports’ founder ironically, has taken a very loose interpretation of the term "region" – something their commissioner doesn’t shy away from.

"Our teams may not be the tightest divisions ever," Commissioner Thomas Highway said. "We don’t choose our franchises based strictly on geography."

Mr. Highway may be a candidate for the understatement of the year award on that one, because if Doubleday chose their teams by geography, someone was holding the map upside down when they did.

Of the eight divisions in Doubleday, only one of them makes any geographical sense – the AL South with franchises in Huntingdon, W.V., Montgomery, Ala., Durham, N.C. and Memphis, Tenn., all within easy driving distance. That has only been true for one season, though, as owner Dubs N. Uf recently moved his El Paso franchise to Memphis.

"We were tired of all the travel," Uf said. "Besides, look at the pitchers Montgomery bought with all the money they saved on travel."

There are a couple of other divisions that aren’t horrendous like the AL West with teams in Oregon, Montana, Colorado and Vegas. That’s pretty close as far as teams in the West go.

They certainly are doing better than the NL West with teams in Arizona, Vancouver, Iowa and Hawaii. Let’s open by asking how the heck Iowa is in the West in the first place? Not to mention Iowa is about 3000 miles from Hawaii.

Sure, British Columbia is in the West, but its pretty North of Scottsdale. Perhaps a division with Seattle would be appropriate.

Of course, Doubleday does have a team in Seattle in a division with a Canadian team, but that team is in AL North, and the Canadian team is in Montreal, clear on the other side of the country behind a language barrier. En route to Montreal, they can stop by Kansas City, also in division, though several hours to the south and halfway in between.

"We don’t need to be in a division with Vancouver to know that we are better than them," Seattle Pilots owner K.C. Denn said. "Besides, we like croissants."

So the question remains, as the economy goes into the toilet, will there be any realignment in Doubleday? Don’t hold your breath on that one.

"Who is it that gave you the ability to post on the blog again?" Highway asked. "And wasn’t this supposed to be a lot funnier."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Salt Lake City won the AL North Division for the 2nd straight season last season edging out Montreal by 1 game in the final stretch. One of the best all around franchises in the world. They have a pretty talented ML squad and a decent size group of prospects that will one day All-Star's at the Big League level. Carpediem is one of the more talented owners to ever step foot in Doubleday and it will be a long time before he gets taken out of the playoff picture.

Led by SP Miguel Alou, Salem again is the favorite to win the division this season. Salem hasn't done much of anything this off-season but they really didn't have much to do. They have a great offense to carry them this season. Salem has mentioned that they are willing to trade 1B Elvis Brooks.. Not entirely sure what would be required to snag Brooks but I'm sure whoever attempts to get Brooks won't be disappointed.

Washington D.C. made the playoffs for the 2nd time in franchise history last season. Look for Kurt Westmoreland and Lefty Moore to tear things up again while Bernie Alvarez continues to etch his name into the Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 more up! Season 9 team scouting- reports...

Kansas City should be very happy with the way the team looks this upcoming season.. They have many guys coming up to the Majors along with guys they have had there for a couple seasons. Finally it appears they may get out of the basement. After a very disappointing 90 - 72 record last season (disappointing in the fact they missed the playoffs.) Kansas City Magglio Alvarado and Al Gonzales are the big offensive weapons they will be relying on to have great seasons. While Carlos Santos should lead a very good pitching staff.

Portland under new ownership has pretty much already said this team is in a rebuilding process. Without dishing out too much cash Portland is going to try to make some type of run this season. Maybe a key Free Agent that's still lingering around could be signed cheap to help keep Portland in the running somewhat. Unfortunately with Chicago in the same division it could be a very rough 3rd or 4th place season.

New York was my underdog favorite last season... Not really an underdog since this team has all the pieces of a championship caliber team. Albert O'Brien again a very very talented player. The season 4 AL MVP will continue to try and lead the team to a division title. With Philly on the shelf for a while it could be their year.

The Dynasty.... Remnants of what was a dynasty.....

The most successful dynasty in Doubleday History has a new owner.. Going on 3 seasons with Louisville, 7of9 appears to be in a standstill..  Les Could and Erick Shannon lead the Red Caps in Season 9. Last season was the first time the franchise missed the playoffs. Hopefully things turn around for 7of9 and Louisville can recapture it's once very dominant position.

The WALL in Chicago!

The Whales... Well they still have one of the most feared hitters on their team in Albert Wall. However they have lost a boatload of talent in the last season or so.. Spike Logan.. GONE!  Mark Post... GONE! Overall they have kept a decent ML squad but it's not near as scary as it was. Chicago has a shot at the division title but we'll see how strong they are when the season starts.

The Sun is rising in Jville!

Erv Hines, Pedro Bennett, Winston Ripken and Dan Hudler.. Those names spell Championship! If I were Tropicana I'd be very happy with how Jacksonville looks this season. Tropicana is controversial but he's certainly a force to deal with in the AL.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hopeful Heroes try to improve in Season 9

Heroes continue to build for the future.Players like Steib,Chang,Kirk, Rigby and Torres are the new cornerstones of the Huntington franchise. Still adding pitchers and looking to dump salary and older players. The future looks bright if you look through the storm clouds.

Seattle plans on making a run!

Seattle is looking to make a serious run this season led by budding ace Roger Hosmer and a talented offense anchored by LF Edgar Sosa ,SS Lee Benjamin & 2B Carlos Andujar . They're also looking forward to the addition of superstar 1B prospect Bunny Reames and solid 3B prospect Myron Hernandez a month or so into the season.

Boston, Mass

Owner Camden68 has reported that Boston isn't looking too good this upcoming season. A few Free Agency signings that could help improve them from last season's craziness are SP Ramon Martin, P Kory Adams and SS Socks Lansing. All established veterans on the downside of their careers. Having the 5th overall pick in this season's draft, Boston is primed for a good start at a rebuild!

Columbus Promotes Berkman!

Columbus promoted season 4's  47th pick Charlie Berkman! Berkman was a steal at 47 being that has pretty good control in his early career and decent splits. The scouts say that he will improve greatly as he matures. Hopefully this season he'll begin just that.  He has some previous ML experience which didn't fair well but some time in the minors has helped him gain some experience. 14-14 win/loss mark in the minors while having a very rough 9-25 ML record. I see this young Pitcher becoming a decent player but not really All-Star caliber. Good luck to him this upcoming season!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Balitmore, Colorado, Durham and Helena Season 9 update

Baltimore Lords: Last season 74-84

Adding Spike Logan, Bert Blair and Jocko Sexson the Lords seem to be very powerful. Devonjain is a great owner that appears to trying to get this team primed to get their third playoff appearance in franchise history. They promoted Catcher Brent Crosby this season which will bring some huge power and  decent defensive ability. They lost Barry Broadhurst to Free Agency he signed with Scottsdale from what we've been told he wanted to go where he could win.  I predict Baltimore wins 90 games this season and gives Jacksonville a run for the division.

Colorado Grizzlies: Last season 69-93

 Going into the ninth season we have the Colorado Grizzlies coming in after the best record they've had in three seasons. Ice-Rat has turned the club around and this season it's no different. Colorado signed SP Nipsey Gipson a former Columbus Jet that's looking to be a very good signing thus far the only issue is he's going to be playing in Colorado... Things tend to change with pitchers in that ballpark... They also signed Valerio Delgado. Delgado opted to go Free Agent rather than re-sign with Kansas City.  That was a huge benefit to Colorado that recently let Neil Campbell walk. Delgado averaged 24HR a season  in his last 5 seasons so that can be a good thing coming to  Colorado. Good luck rat.... you may need it.

Durham Bulls: Last season 83-79

Durham is in rebuild mode... This team has managed to get rid of some huge contracts and prepares for the next couple seasons. No major signings and no real big losses unless you count Nicholas McGee leaving via Free Agency. Sergei is a great owner that I'm sure can turn things around.  Good news though they have SP Pedro Beltran and 2b Damian Wang. So they can probably finish 3rd in front of Huntington.

Helena Fruit Pickers: Last season 81-81

After owner Mele316 takes the franchise to three straight Division Titles.. He leaves the team and the new owner comes in and finishes second behind Salem. Bobkordecki has his work cut out for him. He has done well though so far signing Robert Robinson last season which was injured. This season trades for Johnny Durbin and upgrades at Third Base. He lost veteran power catcher George Forrest but that shouldn't be a factor since he has Broome there. I can see him taking the division this season.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Felix Barry Traded!

Felix Barry signed as an IFA in season 8 with a huge signing bonus.. Seattle had a great future player on their hands until 6/16/2010 at 4:10 PM when they decided to trade him to Honolulu. The soon to be superstar is looking to be very good versus both LH and RH Pitchers, great eye and good power. He is looking to be a potential All-Star once he's ready to be called up.

Season 9 Off-Season report

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily



First I'd like to say that personally the biggest move of the off-season is Jacksonville picking up Dan Hudler from Montreal and Odalis Vega from Huntington. Jacksonville improves the offense but lost a tad in defense to get Vega.


Baltimore signed LF Jocko Sexson, 1B Spike Logan and SP Bert Blair! All for very very cheap prices.


LF Vic Fernandez:Career numbers- .296 BA .370 OBP .421 SLG .791 OPS
1B/RF Joaquin Martinez: Career numbers- .287 BA .356 OBP .510 SLG .866 OPS


With Montgomery seemingly the "Strong" team I am going to go out on a limb and call the World Series SALT LAKE CITY vs. AUSTIN. I would love to say Montgomery returns or Montreal,Jacksonville and Seattle win the American league I just don't see that happening. National League could go to Pittsburgh however I feel Austin just may have enough in them to return.. Louisville COULD get back to it's playoff ways if they'd trade or sign some big players.

Season 9 begins but first.....

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

We've ended another season... The great news is another NEW WORLD SERIES WINNER!! Coach Stiller took Montgomery to the Championship.. But can he repeat? I congratulate him on his win and wish him good luck in the future. Now seriously I don't think I really wish him luck..

Now On to season 9. We have 3 new owners coming in.... First we have ghutton9 taking over the Boise team and moving it to Portland. He has 9 seasons under his belt and looks to be a very solid addition to the world. NYaggie98 has taken the former Cincinnati team and moved them to Columbus. New to HBD so please give him guidance and help him learn. Last we have Kelly_McCann currently running 2 other teams and also seems to be pretty good at picking up the game. Any questions these guys may have assist them. I don't want them to win just do enough so they don't kill the team...I want to be able to get new owners once these guys leave crying in agony.