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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Magglio Alvarado formerly of Kansas City has been proving himself as of late. After coming off an 8 game hitting streak where he scored 8 times on 12 hits and walked 9 times while only striking out once proves that he is indeed the top lead off guy in the world! He has a .300 BA only tells part of the story. His .428 OBP is what really impresses me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mateo NL ROY?

Pedro Mateo , a rookie this season pitching for the Cincinnati Outlaw Reds has began his career the way he should. His record after 7 starts is 4-2. The only factor so far is he has only really pitched against losing teams. Boston beat him but Mateo is still a pretty solid P that has the potential to earn that ROY award. I am going to root for him and hope he can help contribute to a Championship in Cincinnati!

A Look at the future

Texas has had it rough since season 7 and last seasons draft brightened the future. When Texas (Then Memphis) took Gary Weber with the second overall pick they hit a gold mine! Weber was scouted to be an amazing strike out pitcher with great control. He will dominate both right and left handed hitters making him a huge threat. I can see him racking up some Cy Young awards in the future, this was a great pick! His record in the minors is 18-3 with an era of 2.28.

Reviving a Franchise!

After nine disappointing seasons, Huntington has finally put together what could be a division winning team. With the emergence of Pedro Uribe and Spike Rakers Huntington's offense is taking off. The signing of season 8's AL Cy Young, Junior Cerveza has also been a big influence on the team's performance so far. Huntington could have the best season they have had in almost 10 seasons!

Pittsburgh signs Seneca!

Tomas Seneca was just signed by Pittsburgh recently, Seneca has been scouted to be a future #2-3 Pitcher. He will be a very outstanding strike out pitcher with excellent control. Seneca joins Mo Graham in the minors for Pitt and boosted their farm as if they needed any help.

Tracy's early power!

Aaron Tracy is leading the Majors in Home runs early in this season! He has 23 already with only 36 games completed. Tracy is 7 Home runs up on the second place guy and seems to be on pace for a potential record breaking season. Tracy already has more than half of what he hit last season in 162 games, I see Tracy being the most dominant Home run hitter in Doubleday. Tracy could seriously jump ahead on the career Home run list after this season. With six seasons under his belt he already has 310 Home runs, at 27 years old he has another 6-7 seasons to tear the cover off the ball.