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Monday, December 19, 2011

Texas promoted Pitcher Gary Weber to the Majors this season, Weber is looking like he'll be helpful to a struggling Texas team.

More Free Agent news!!!

Madison has decided to go big in Free Agency this season. They signed former Huntington CF Clay Steib and P Spud Burba, Former Oakland LF Spike Logan and SS Luis Aquino and P's Dizzy Martin and Carlos Zubaran.

Oakland signed Closer Larry Hart, SU/Closer Virgil Hayes, LR Cory Evans and Bart Kinney, CF Ted Banks and Career Saves leader Christopher Champion!!! That bullpen is going to be the toughest in the entire majors!

Hartford signed CF Albert O'Brien and C Ozzie Flores to add some veteran experience and possibly help them win some games.

Bud Wiltse was signed to the brand new relocated Chicago team!

LR Alfredo Estrada signed with Philly giving them some additional pitching to help match the offensive output this season.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trade Completed!!!

31 yr old LF Edgar Sosa of Seattle has been deal to Oakland for 36 yr old SP Pedro Bennett. Bennett a 4 time All Star has one year left on his contract is going to a much more pitcher friendly park. Sosa, 31 years old and has a pretty good bat still capable of hitting 35 Home Runs and 100 rbi! Going to Oakland should help his chances to go deep and help Oakland have a shot at getting into the playoffs this season. Seattle is always a tough team and this season they will be a huge competitor again!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free Agent Buzz!!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Observing some of the latest Free Agent news and I realized that there are several names out there that chose not to re-sign with their former team. I will discuss potential landing spots for these players and who should pick them up.

Nolan Cain (Detroit) - Nolan Cain has decided not to re-sign with Detroit and to get an idea of how much he is worth on the open market. Rumor has it there are a couple potential landing spots and he won't go cheap...
Potential Teams
Hartford (NL)
San Francisco (AL)

Who SHOULD sign him

Quinn Street (Iowa City) - Quinn Street is probably the second best hitter on the market right now, he's a so that brings his value down just a little bit since most teams are seeking pitching or high defensive players.

Potential Teams
Chicago (NL)
Iowa City (NL)
Madison (AL)
Hartford (NL)
Salem (AL)

Who SHOULD sign him
Chicago (NL)

Hoss Collins (Seattle) - Once regarded one of the best Pitchers in Doubleday, Collins was traded around a lot and never really had a home until he was traded to St. Louis (Now Montgomery). Hoss Collins has managed to get to 6 All Star game appearances. He has yet to get that Cy Young award that we know he was wanting so desperately.

Potential Teams
Cincinnati (NL)
Vancouver (AL)
Huntington (AL)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Spark in Vancouver!

Roy Sparks is officially the best hitter in Doubleday! Well his career batting average says so.. 5 seasons into his career and he has the highest career batting average in the entire world .337. Obviously there are a minimum amount of at bats a player is required to have. However as of right now he is the man on top surpassing greats such as Luis Picasso and Quilvio Javier! Congrats Sparks and Vancouver!

Saturday, December 10, 2011



I would like everyone to submit who they think should fill this roster, the only catch is the player has to have one of the following criteria. 

Cy Young
2x ALL Star
2x Silver Slugger (At position)
2x Golden Glove (At position)
Fireman of the year

Please submit your list to me via sitemail. Thank you!

C: Santiago Cordero
C: George Forrest
1B: Albert Wall
1B: Lefty Moore
2B: Felipe Guerrero
2B: Midre Guerrero
SS: Ramon Chang
SS: Rafael Espinosa
3B: Connie Reynolds
3B: Alexander Connelly
LF: Philip Maxwell
LF: Quilvio Javier
CF: Albert O'Brien
CF: Ted Banks
RF: Dan Hudler
RF: Alex Shinjo
DH: Ronald Webb

SP: Roger Hosmer
SP: Tom Lofton
CLA: Christopher Champion
CLB: Larry Hart

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maxwell hit's his 700th!!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

St. Paul, Minnesota

Greatness is measured by performance, if you were to just show up for work everyday and get the job done that you are paid for you will get compensated for doing just that. If you came to work and did more than what your job expected of you, you would get a huge bonus and possibly a raise. Philip Maxwell did just that! In 13 years he has hit over 700 home runs, 704 to be exact. Maxwell should have at least one or two seasons left in him where he could potentially end his career with around 750. Maxwell certainly has etched his name in the Doubleday Hall of Fame, not only for his power but his amazing eye. Maxwell certainly will be the standard going forward, everyone wants a guy who can hit for power as well as average. Maxwell will most likely be Doubleday's first Hall of Fame member. Congrats Phil!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Season 14!!!!

Season 13 was great and we crowned a new champion. Seattle Pilots finally won the big one and they are looking to repeat this season.

Season 14 Highlights:

Harold Burell is on his way to Oakland in exchange for 3 prospects. 2B prospect Milton Holland is the most valuable prospect in the trade. Burell's chances of a Championship may have been hindered a little bit but if Oakland continues to add to their offense they could be a big power house this season.

Jackson Signed P Luke Busby off of Free Agency

Trenton signed Closer Brian Shigetoshi off of Free Agency

Vancouver signed P Karim Bennett off of Free Agency

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PLACEkids Model Search

PLACEkids Model Search

To vote enter ID # 112198
Thank you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Magglio Alvarado formerly of Kansas City has been proving himself as of late. After coming off an 8 game hitting streak where he scored 8 times on 12 hits and walked 9 times while only striking out once proves that he is indeed the top lead off guy in the world! He has a .300 BA only tells part of the story. His .428 OBP is what really impresses me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mateo NL ROY?

Pedro Mateo , a rookie this season pitching for the Cincinnati Outlaw Reds has began his career the way he should. His record after 7 starts is 4-2. The only factor so far is he has only really pitched against losing teams. Boston beat him but Mateo is still a pretty solid P that has the potential to earn that ROY award. I am going to root for him and hope he can help contribute to a Championship in Cincinnati!

A Look at the future

Texas has had it rough since season 7 and last seasons draft brightened the future. When Texas (Then Memphis) took Gary Weber with the second overall pick they hit a gold mine! Weber was scouted to be an amazing strike out pitcher with great control. He will dominate both right and left handed hitters making him a huge threat. I can see him racking up some Cy Young awards in the future, this was a great pick! His record in the minors is 18-3 with an era of 2.28.

Reviving a Franchise!

After nine disappointing seasons, Huntington has finally put together what could be a division winning team. With the emergence of Pedro Uribe and Spike Rakers Huntington's offense is taking off. The signing of season 8's AL Cy Young, Junior Cerveza has also been a big influence on the team's performance so far. Huntington could have the best season they have had in almost 10 seasons!

Pittsburgh signs Seneca!

Tomas Seneca was just signed by Pittsburgh recently, Seneca has been scouted to be a future #2-3 Pitcher. He will be a very outstanding strike out pitcher with excellent control. Seneca joins Mo Graham in the minors for Pitt and boosted their farm as if they needed any help.

Tracy's early power!

Aaron Tracy is leading the Majors in Home runs early in this season! He has 23 already with only 36 games completed. Tracy is 7 Home runs up on the second place guy and seems to be on pace for a potential record breaking season. Tracy already has more than half of what he hit last season in 162 games, I see Tracy being the most dominant Home run hitter in Doubleday. Tracy could seriously jump ahead on the career Home run list after this season. With six seasons under his belt he already has 310 Home runs, at 27 years old he has another 6-7 seasons to tear the cover off the ball.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Season MVP's

Last season's AL MVP Kurt Westmoreland was about to leave Salem via free agency but before he could entertain offers from other teams he was given a huge 100 million dollar contract over 5 years with a 10 million dollar signing bonus! At 28 years old he will have plenty of time to knock 40+ home runs per season while driving in 100+ Rbi's.

NL MVP Harold Burrell has 4 more seasons on his current contract, Burrell, the only Doubleday triple crown hitter has a lot of work to do to get his club the championship they have been waiting for. I do know this, if I had Burrell I would certainly not complain.

Key Free Agent Signings so far

Oakland, CA
Free Agency took a turn for the better with the signing of SP Dean Gardner. Gardner signed a 5 year 74 million dollar contract.

Jackson, MS
This team finally got a huge closer for a relatively cheap price. They signed Closer Deivi Cairo to a 2 year 7.9 million dollar contract.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver has been lacking offense for quite a while now. They finally landed someone worthy of a big paycheck. They signed 3B Brian Irwin to a 4 year 42 million dollar contract.

Monday, June 13, 2011

City changes!

Doubleday Daily

Rochester, NY

Nyaggie, the  owner of last seasons Rochester team has relocated to Toledo, another move in an attempt to get better fans and an advantage for his team. Toledo was the original home of the franchise when owned by Charlie22098.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dublinuf has moved from El Paso to Memphis to San Juan and now to Charleston, this move has to be the move to finally bring home the World Series gold.. Or not.. Is the ballpark really that big of a deal? We'll see if it improves his team this season.

Jacksonville, FL

Once the Boston Beaneaters and now the Trenton Thunder, Bobkordecki has now purchased his third team in Doubleday. He began with Trenton in the NL North which is known now as the Detroit Wolverines then he purchased the Helena Fruit Pickers and now the former Jacksonville squad and moved them to Trenton. Hopefully his magic takes off on this team!

Shamrocks no more!

Doubleday Daily Special Report

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Shamrocks are no more! Owner Tom Highway has decided not to renegotiate the contract with the city of Montreal and has decided to move south into the borders of the United States. Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Paul Soglin had many discussions over the past 2 months with Tom Highway regarding this move. It was kept out of media for many reasons but it is not official, Tom Highway has moved his team to Madison where they will now be known as the Madison Mallards! Madison is an extremely hitter friendly park that should improve the offensive numbers but will it help them get back to the playoffs? Newly acquired LF Trevor Arnold believes it will! We will soon be able to tell just what lies ahead for the franchise! Good luck Madison, with Seattle and K.C. in your division you will need it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Season 12 Predictions

1. Seattle
2. Kansas City
3. Salt Lake City
4. Montreal

1. Philadelphia
2. Norfolk
3. Jacksonville
4. Baltimore

1. San Juan
2. Montgomery
3. Huntington
4. Louisville

1. Salem
2. Vancouver
3. San Francisco
4. Helena


2. Cleveland
3. Portland
4. Chicago

2. Rochester
3. Boston
4. Hartford

1. Monterrey
2. Austin
3. El Paso
4. Memphis

1. Tucson
2. Honolulu
3. Iowa City
4. St. Louis


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More off-season Crap!!!

SP Wendell Sullivan was traded to Chicago for 3 prospects! Sullivan, a SP that has been said to have great control and very good vs. both LH and RH batters. However he doesn't have a dominating pitch.. Chicago gains some depth in their rotation while Detroit gains some more depth in the minors.

FA Signings
Iowa City signed 3B Billy Neagle to a 5yr 36mil contract!
Salem signed RP Ichiro Suzuki to a 4yr 26.5mil contract!

San Francisco promoted LF Tommy Nance to the ML
Honolulu promoted RP Frank Satou to the ML

Rule 5
Hartford signed RP C.C. Mora in this seasons Rule 5 Draft

Thursday, March 17, 2011

FA Craze!!

Tucson made 2 huge signings in Free Agency!!! They signed 33 yr old SP Pedro Bennett to a 76.5m w/10mil bonus over 4 year contract! He'll be 37 yrs old when the contract is up.. I hope he can hold up for that long, Tucson has one of the best training facilities in the world so that's a plus! Speaking of training facilities and big contracts, Tucson not only signed Bennett but they signed LF stud Les Cloud! It's reported that Cloud will be receiving 65mil over 5 years putting him also at 37 years old when his contract is up. Tucson wants to win it all now and now wait so dumping all that money into two players is a risk but with SP Blaine Stanton and C Zeuss McBride one would think that they may finally have the pieces required to get to the championship!
Vancouver made another huge transaction today after trading 3B Evers away, they signed former Kansas City slugger RF Al Gonzales to a 4 yr 52 mil dollar contract with a 2 yr bonus attached. Gonzales has been a very reliable bat throughout his ML career driving in an average of 100+ rbi per season while having a career OPS over .800. This helps build an offense to go along with the pitching rotation that could be one of the best in the AL hands down!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New to Doubleday! How they got here!

Soxyanks12: It's a funny story of how I became the owner of the Jacksonville Tars...You see after my divorce I decided to head on down to the beach for spring break a few years ago. While I was there making up for lost time while I was married to that hag I met a girl. She was smokin hot and crazy as hell. Well we hooked up that night and one thing led to another...I didn’t really see her much after spring break but I stayed in Fla working as a bartender having the time of my life! One day she shows up out of nowhere to let me know she was pregnant and that it had to be mine cuz she was a virgin when we..well you know! As I said b4 this girl was HOTT! And I love kids so I let her know I would be around...well we started dating and one day I met her family. Turns out the old man was the owner of the Jacksonville Tars! After getting over the fact I was nearly old enough to be his daughter’s daddy (turns out she was 19!) We hit it off right away...He gave me a job in the front office and here I am 2 years later running the team! Go figure!

Sergei91 is an American film and television actor. He is the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen. In 2010, 91 was the highest paid actor on television, earning US$1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men. His personal life has also made headlines, including reports about alcohol and drug abuse and marital problems as well as allegations of domestic violence. He was fired from his role on Two and a Half Men by CBS and Warner Bros. on March 7, 2011. Looking for new opportunities to keep his extravagant lifestyle going and going, he decided to invest in an HBD team in Doubleday, the highly successful baseball league..

My name is Larry Arfmanowitz. I live in Memphis, Tennessee. I recenlty bought a new home here formerly known as 'Graceland'. You might have heard of it.

I made my millions over the last few years selling GD(Gridiron Dynasty) cheat codes to the likes of Plague, Nelson, Vhoward, Ebel, Buffalo_rob, Kcden and many others. When GD decided to switch to a new game engine, my cheat codes became useless. So I decided I needed to invest my boatloads of cash elsewhere. I picked up this pathetic excuse for a baseball team in Louisville at the dollar store. They said it had been there a while, nobody wanted it.

As CEO of this franchise we have big plans in store. We plan on cutting down payroll and making a big youth movement push. We also plan on lowering ticket prices and offering free admission to anyone that remember the last time this franchise actually had a winning season.

Well as the owner of an NFL franchise with no team or future season in sight I decided to pack up from Dallas and move to Helena. Let’s face it. People don’t like me so I decided moving to Montana no one would know me here. I guess I will try to micro manage a baseball franchise.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Trade Accepted: Evers to Monterrey!

3B Andrew Evers has been traded to Monterrey for SP Nick Herndon! More on this transaction as the news comes in. Here is a statement from BagwellBuff the Vancouver's owner.
Bagwellbuff: "We certainly hate to lose Andrew Evers, he is a bright star in this league and will continue to be for years to come. However, to get something of value something of value must be given up. We wish Andrew well and we are very excited about adding Nick Herndon to our rotation.  He is one of the best starting pitchers in the league. We are building a contender in Vancouver and Nick will be part of that. He is in his prime and already makes our starting rotation one of the better ones in the league."

Welcome to Season 12!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

As we move into season 12 of one of the best worlds in HBD, we have to acknowledge some important things first. Congrats again to Newbiefng for taking home the season 11 championship! And a big thank you goes out to Stiller609 and Carpediem33 for being great owners for a long time you guys will be missed.

Moving on to player news!

Contract Extensions

Detroit signed SP J.P. Sanchez to a 4 year 27.2 million dollar contract!
Norfolk signed RF Trevor Arnold to a 3 year 27.3 million dollar contract with a 1.0 million bonus
Seattle signs SS Lee Benjamin to a 5 year 47.5 million dollar contract
Seattle signs LF Edgar Sosa to a 5 year 40 million dollar contract
Salt Lake City signs LRP Midre Castillo to a 4 year 24 million dollar contract

Key Players Released

Honolulu released CF Felix Kelly: Kelly hit .285 with 17 HR and 57 RBI and stole 44 bases in season 11

Key Promotions

Honolulu Promoted CF Felix Barry: Barry's promotion is indeed something that we have wanted to see for some time. He finally gets the chance to showcase his abilities in the big leagues. With his speed and power he will certainly be a huge threat.

Philly promoted P Demaso Trevino: Trevino is a LR/SU type P with good control and extremely dominant vs. RHB's.

Boston promotes SP Tim Miadich: After just 10 innings of play at the ML Level in season 11, Boston has decided to call up one of the most talented players to be drafted in the world. Miadich was the 2nd pick in the season 10 draft and already has the tools to lead any team to a championship!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seattle steals the Awards!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Most Valuable Player? Check! Cy Young? Check! Fireman of the Year? Check! 4 Silver Slugger awards? Check! Hell the only thing that Seattle didn't do was win the World Series.. No reason to worry Seattle fans, your team is not done yet. They are still relatively young and have time to get the job done in the next season or two. The only problem with the AL is the fact there are many teams that can be contenders next season that are maybe 1-2 pieces away from a deep playoff run that could really screw things up for Seattle or Kansas City. While the AL is smiling and celebrating the victory, remember there are people plotting to knock the AL North Playoff reps out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Record Breakers? The odds of some of the top single season records being broke this season!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

We have had some big records set in Doubleday, Albert Wall hitting 74 HR's in season 5 and Spike Logan hitting a single season record .369 in season 3. Two of the biggest records to be accomplished in the world! With that being said it brings me to the potential that they will be taken down this season. Lefty Moore has 47 HR's in just the first 99 games of the season putting him on pace for 78 this season. Quilvio Javier has a current average of .397. I don't see him falling 30 points over the next 62 games. Things are going to be awesome to watch the rest of the season.

Deleon throws a No Hitter!

Baltimore probably thought they were going to beat down Norfolk yesterday when they seen SP Miguel Deleon take the mound. Deleon is not noted for being a very high rated SP in Doubleday, however he go 9 innings only walking 3 batters and striking out 9. We caught up with his team mate Trevor Arnold and all Arnold had to say was "We're glad he's on our team, Miguel is a good locker room guy and he tries hard every time he's on the mound." Miguel didn't want to comment on this just yet but we know he celebrated into the early morning hours this morning. Congrats Norfolk!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Season 11 First Round Draft Review

1. Columbus Blue Birds-P Bud Ramirez-With the 1st overall selection, Columbus grabs a high ceiling college pitcher from Duke. His projections are certainly good enough for this player to be a top of the rotation pitcher, but he's got quite a bit to grow to reach that. He should develop good control and a good fastball, yet he won't have much velocity. He already has the ability to force groundballs and should improve upon that. His splits should turn out to be good as well. He doesn't have great stamina, but with the durability, control and splits projections he could easily be a 200 inning pitcher. The biggest concern with Ramirez is that he's 22 and has quite a ways to go to reach the projections.

2. Philadelphia Stars-RF Andy Wunsch-A good pick at #2 for Philadelphia. I think Wunsch projects more as a leftfielder due to lower arm strength than what I want out of a rightfielder. He projects to be a very good hitter with the ability to reach base many ways. He has contact, good power, he'll kill left handers and hit good against righties as well. Wunsch will also pull in quite a few base on balls each season. He's not slow, but he's fast either. He is fairly smart on the bases. At age 20, he doesn't have very far to go to get to his projections and should get pretty close to being the player that he's expected to be.

3. Louisville Red Caps-Clay Parris-Parris projects out to be a secondbaseman with great range and a good glove for the position. His arm strength leaves him at second base. He has decent speed but will not develop into a threat on the bases. He should be a good contact hitter with a little bit of power. His splits project to be average but he'll have a good eye at the plate. He should hit for a decent average with a high obp.
4. Durham Bulls-RP R.J. Farquhar-Farquhar(what a name?), projects to be a dynamite closer. His durability isn't what you'd want for a closer, but he has decent stamina that should help. This guy though, projects out to have great control, great splits, great velocity, will keep the ball down in the zone to force grounders, and has an amazing curveball with a good slider as a second pitch. What worries me though besides the durability is that he doesn't possess a fastball, which I like a closer to have. I think he can overcome that though if he gets even close to his projected abilities. He is 21, and has quite a bit to grow over the next couple seasons, so I'll be interested to see how close he can get to those projections, but he isn't too far off from being a major league reliever right now.

5. Boston Beaneaters-3B Lloyd Jorgensen-Jorgensen is a solid #5 selection. He should develop a good glove for third and decent arm strength. He projects to have good power, and real good splits. He lacks speed, base running ability, and has lower contact. He should draw some walks and even with the low contact will be a decent hitter and a solid option at third. Drafted out of high school, he has good makeup and plenty of time to develop his skills.

6. Helena Fruit Pickers-SS Dorian Rice-Can't see this player.

7. St Louis Brown Stockings-SS Al Cairo-Drafted out of John Wood CC, Cairo projects to be a solid hitter with decent skills as a shortstop. His glove worries me a bit for the position, but he has the range and arm to do a decent job. I think he projects more as a third basemen or a real good rightfielder. He should develop good power, and has good contact. His splits will help him hit for a good average, but his eye will hold him back a bit. He has decent base running abilities and speed, but won't worry any pitchers and catchers. Cairo will be a solid major leaguer if he gets close to his projections, but I don't think he'll be a star player.

8. Huntington Heroes-P Louis Scott-This high schooler probably won't sign as he has his sights set on being a professional football player. If he changes his mind though, he could be a really good closer one day. His projections show that he has pretty good control, will be tough on righties and lefties, has real good velocity, and the ability to keep the ball down, he should also have a dynamite change up and a real good fastball. He has good durability and decent stamina for a reliever.

9. Baltimore Lords-2B Robert McLemore-McLemore has the ability to be a pretty good secondbaseman one day. He doesn't have a great glove, but could play second or leftfield solid. He has the projections to be a pretty good hitter, with solid pop. He has a little speed as well, which could help him be a 300 hitter with the good contact, power, splits, and eye. Nothing he projects out to is great, but everything is a bit above average. He could go on to have a pretty solid career. He may not be a regular all star type player, but he should be a valuable player. He has quite a bit of growing to do in order to reach his potential, but he's young and could do it.

10. Vancouver Veterans-2B Justin Torres-I really like Torres with this pick, but I like speedy players. Torres has good speed right now and should develop into a pretty good base runner. He should develop real good contact, should be a tough out for left handed pitchers and do a decent job against righties. He should have a decent eye as well. He'll have the range to play a good second base, with a decent glove. He doesn't have power, but that won't hold him back from being a good player. What may hold him back is his lower makeup and the fact that he has a decent amount of growing to do and he's already 20 years old.

11. Norfolk Clam Eaters-SS Dmitri Gilbert-This youngster from Orange Park HS could turn into a nice player for a #11 pick. He has really good range for a shortstop, but could cause a few headaches with the glove as he doesn't project to have the glove of a shortstop. His arm strength and accuracy could develop to a good level, but it isn't great. He has some speed and should become a good base runner, but he isn't a leadoff type. I really like his contact and eye at the plate. His splits aren't going to be great but average. He should be able to find his way on base fairly well and with his base running abilities could score some runs. He lacks power, but could provide a home run here and there.

12. Las Vegas Thunder-2B Philip Wilkins-Wilins has tons of range and an average glove. His arm will be good for a second baseman. He has some speed and should develop as a good base runner. He should develop good contact and a good eye. His splits are average, but due to his contact, eye and decent speed, should be able to hit good. He has a little bit of power and could be able to reach double digits in homers, but not much more. Wilkins is you and has a ways to go to reach his potential, but he should be able to become a solid major leaguer.

13. Salt Lake City Trappers-2B Bert Hackman-Another talented high school kid comes off the board with this pick. Hackman has the ability to be a very good fielder. He projects to have very good range and a real good glove to go with it. He doesn't have much arm strength but has good accuracy. He has good speed but I'm not sure his base running will ever be good enough for him to be a base stealing threat. Low contact will cause him to strike out a bit, but his splits, power and batting eye should make him a pretty solid hitter with some good power. He is a steal at pick 13 if he fully develops his abilities.

14. Iowa City River Bandits-C Cameron Sanders-This youngster from Lakeland HS is the first catcher to be drafted. He could be a very good pitch caller behind the plate, but his arm strength won't be a quality part of his game. He doesn't have bad speed for a catcher. His contact should be decent, and his splits are average to below average. He has good power and a batting eye that should help him be a good hitter overall. Sanders could develop into a pretty good back stop.

15. Hartford Bees-2B Craig Smith-Smith will make for a good second baseman. He projects to have good range and glove for second base and his arm is good there as well. He has some speed and decent base running but he isn't a threat to steal bases. He could develop real good contact and he has good splits and an above average eye. I wouldn't expect a 300 hitter out of him but he can develop into a nice hitter to have. He has low makeup which worries me about him reaching his projections, but he is young and should be able to get close.

16. El Paso Diablos-P Eric Dunham-This junior out of N. Alabama has not signed yet and could be heading back to college. If not, he could develop into a good top of the rotation type pitcher. He should have real good stamina, although his durability is not very good. He projects to have really good control, good splits, real good velocity, good at getting the groundballs, and a pretty good fastball. He's a 3 pitch pitcher, but his change up is useless, with a decent slider. He is 21, but he doesn't have much growing to do to become a major league quality pitcher.

17. Jacksonville Suns-P Freddie Hamilton-While the top of the draft wasn't top heavy, this pick at 17 shows the depth that it did have. Hamilton is a pretty nice reliever to draft with this pick. He will have good durability, to go with good stamina. He'll have real good control, good splits, and he has 2 good pitches, a sinker and curveball. He doesn't have good velocity, but his ability to keep the ball down in the zone will force some groundballs. I think this is a really good pick for Jacksonville.

18. Monterrey Mustangs-P Jason Burriss-This pitcher out of high school should develop into a pretty nice starter. He'll have good durability for a starter and good stamina. With his control he could easily get 6 innings per start and come close to 7 innings a start. His splits could hold him back since he isn't going to be especially tough on left hand batters, but he'll do good against the righties. Low velocity and an inability to keep the ball down hurt his overall ability. He brings a very good fastball, a real good second pitch, a curveball, and decent 3 and 4 pitches, slider and change up. I think he could turn out to be a pretty good pitcer and he's young and has plenty of time to develop his skills.

19. Portland Gladiators-P Charles Smith-Another good young starter comes off the board here. He has decent durability, and good stamina. He should develop good control, with good splits. I like his velocity and he is decent at forcing a groundball. His fastball should be pretty good, with a decent curveball. He is a 5 pitch pitcher, but his change up, split fastball, and slider are not very good. He has decent makeup and not far to go to reach his projections so he should develop nicely.

20. San Juan Boricuas-P Bob Sisco-Sisco should become a pretty solid starter in the majors. He has real good control projections, and good splits. His velocity and groundball ability are good too. He has a real good fastball, and decent slider. He'll have a decent change up and curveball to go with those two pitches as well. His cut fastball isn't good but it is a fifth pitch option. He'll have decent stamina, but low durability will cause him to miss some starts. At 18 he doesn't have as far to go to reach these projections as some players in the draft the same age. Not a bad player at all with this pick.

21. Montreal Shamrocks-2B Albert Vasquez-Montreal chose to go the college route with this pick. Vasquez looks to be a pretty good pick at 21. He'll have great range and a really good glove with a decent arm to go with it. He has decent speed and his base running ability could develop enough to make him a threat to steal some bases. His contact should be decent but he has almost no power. He'll have real good splits if he develops fully, but only a decent eye at the plate. He could hit for a decent average and steal some bases but his major asset will be his fielding abilities. His age doesn't leave him much time to grow, but he has a very high makeup and should grow to be a solid major leaguer.

22.  Detroit Wolverines-3B Jerry Stark-Stark was drafted to play third. He doesn't have real good range which puts him as a thirdbaseman. His glove should be decent and he should have a decent arm for third as well. His accuracy worries me for third. He has decent speed, but his base running won't be very good and likely won't be a threat to steal. He has decent contact and some power, with good splits. His batting eye doesn't project good at all. Even if he reaches his full potential Stark is likely to be a reserve option in the majors. He has good makeup and is young, so he should be able to get pretty close to his projections.

23. Jacksonville Suns-CF Mel Krause-Krause looks like a good centerfielder. He has decent range for the position and a real good glove. His arm strength and accuracy isn't very good, but that's not a necessity for the position. He has real good speed, but not good base running skills. His speed should help him get some steals, but he can't be relied upon as a stealing threat. He projects to have low contact, but real good power. His splits and batting eye project real good too. Even with low contact he should still be a pretty good hitter possibly in the 5 hole. He has low makeup and quite a ways to go to reach his potential which worry me. If he gets close to his projections though, he should be a pretty good player.

24. Louisville Red Caps-RF Marvin Malloy-Malloy was drafted as a rightfielder, but I don't like his fielding ability for the position. He has decent range but not the glove I would like in the outfield. His arm is decent but not good enough for the position. He does have great speed and should develop great base running abilities as well. He could be a top base stealer. His contact projects just decent and he has a little power but not a home run threat at all. He should hit lefties real well, but will struggle with right handers. He should develop a good batting eye. He should be a decent player, but I'm not sure he can reach base enough to use his real talent and that is stealing bases. Malloy should be a major leaguer but he probably won't be a starter.

25. Kansas City Monarchs-P Marc Strange-Strange could be a very good closer in the future. He has lower durability for a reliever, and his stamina is not very high, but his other projections are very good. He projects to have great control, real good splits, and will be able to force a lot of ground balls. His velocity isn't very good, but he brings a real good sinker, and split finger fastball. He has a change up but it's nothing to get excited about. Strange projects very well and has decent make up. I think he'll be a real good major league reliever.

26. Salem Volcanoes-C Matt Kennedy-Just the second catcher taken in this draft Kennedy projects very well. While he doesn't have good defensive skills at all, he should be a real good hitter. His pitch calling is low, and his arm is not good for the position either. He should have real good contact, and great power though. His splits project to be pretty good and he should have a decent eye as well. His durability will allow him to play a good amount of games. Kennedy is more of a DH and I'm not sure if his offense is good enough to allow him to play over the bad defense.

27. Pittsburgh Crawfords-1B Zeus Kile-Kile is the first player drafted as a first baseman in this draft. He has good range for the position and a good enough glove too. He doesn't have much speed but will be a decent base runner. He projects to have very good contact, and a little bit of power. He could be a 20 homer a season player. He projects very good splits and a good eye as well. Kile could be a 2 hole hitter in the future if he reaches his projections. He worries me though with the low makeup. He is only 18, but he has quite a ways to go in order to reach his projections.

28. Cleveland Cubs-P Tony Javier-Javier looks like a solid young pitching prospect if he signs. He could decide to go play D1 basketball. I'm not sure how a 6 foot player with little speed fits in with D1 basketball though. He projects to have very good stamina with fair durability. He has good control, with out much velocity. He should be good against right handers and lefties. He will force his share of groundballs. He has a very good fastball and not much else. His curveball as a second pitch isn't very good. He follows that with a sinker, change up, and forkball that are decent for 3, 4 and 5 pitches. Javier could be a solid major league starter.

29. Honolulu Asahis-2B Clarence Williams-Williams has good range for second base, with a decent glove. His arm strength is decent for the position with decent accuracy. He has a little bit of speed with real good base running projections. He could steal some bases. His contact should be good with a little bit of pop. He has good splits and a real good eye at the plate. He could go on to be a good starter at second in his ml career if he reaches his potential. He has low makeup, but at 19 years old he could get close to his potential as he doesn't have a lot of growing to do.

30. El Paso Diablos-P Pedro Abreu-Abreu is a starting pitcher prospect. He projects decent stamina, but not good durability. He could miss some starts if used as a starter and not get very good innings. He has real good control, with great velocity projections. He'll be good at forcing ground balls, and will be good against left handers, but not very good against right handers. He has a very good sinker, with a good slider as a second pitch, and even a good curveball as a third pitch option. Abreu could be a decent back end of the rotation starter or long reliever in his ml career.

31. Austin Swing-P Eddie Duran-I think Duran is a decent relief prospect. He has good stamina for a reliever, but not so good for a starter. His durability though will not be good for a reliever expected to pitch often. He projects to have decent control, with good splits. He won't have much velocity, but should force a decent amount of grounders. He has a decent sinker and decent slider as top two pitches. He should develop a decent curveball for a third pitch, but his change up will never be good enough as a pitch option. Duran projects to be a major leaguer but he'll be an average pitcher at best.

32. Cleveland Cubs-P Welington Garces-Garces projects as a good reliever. He should develop good stamina, but his big downfall is his durability. He won't be able to pitch very often. He does have good control projections, and good splits as well. He should have real good velocity, but won't keep the ball down very much. His first pitch is a forkball, but his best pitch is his slider. He also has a good curveball as a third pitch. Garces could be a pretty good major league reliever, but he won't get to pitch very many games.

33. Seattle Pilots-SS Magglio Mondesi-Mondesi projects as a major league shortstop that won't hit much. He could be a dynamite fielder, but his bat leaves a lot to be desired. He has very good range and dynamite glove projections. He projects great arm strength and great accuracy as well. He doesn't have good speed or baserunning abilities. He will have low contact and not much power. He'll have good bats against lefties, but decent against right handers. He does have a decent eye. He has lower makeup and is 22 so I'm not sure how close he'll get to his projections, but he doesn't have far to go to reach them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Owner Rankings

By nyaggie
Doubleday Daily

Coaches Ranking w/ 5+ Seasons in Doubleday
1. stiller609 – 301 points
2. tomhighway – 241 points
3. kemosabe11 – 224 points
4. mjmage – 194 points
5. douglaslee – 174 points
6. carpediem33 – 162 points
7. graybeard – 120 points
8. rootgargle – 115 points
9. rnce – 106 points
10. newbiefng – 60 points
11. Fantasy Frea – 49 points
12. kcden – 19 points
13. devonjain – 17 points
14. pchez – -101 points
15. camden68 – -118 points
16. badooujack – -144 points
17. vhoward415 – -173 points
18. dublinuf – -194 points
*Points system based on 1 Point for each game over .500, 20 Points for World Series, 10 Points for Division Title and 5 Points each Playoff appearance*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Round Picks- Where are they now? by Nyaggie

Season 1: New York New York Yankees and coach SWINGINWOOD made SS Corky Grant the first player drafted in Doubleday. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4.1mil bonus he hit .409 with 3 HRs and 31 RBIs in 20 games. Corky was trade to Toledo in season 4 where he made his ML debut. Appearing in 24 games, he hit .158 in 38 ABs. Currently playing for the Helena Fruit Pickers he has a lifetime BA of .288 with 143 HRs and 499 RBIs in six ML seasons.

Season 2: San Juan Senators and coach mrtheedge selected SS Rafael Seanez with the #1 pick in season 2. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4mil bonus he hit .339 with 6 HRs and 51 RBIs in 44 games between the RL and Low A. After being traded to Montreal during season 3, Rafael made his ML debut appearing in 7 games but only hitting .154 in 13 ABs. In the off-season he was traded to Baltimore and sent back to the minors for the all of season 4. Rafael was brought back up to the bigs at the start of season 5 where he appeared in 122 games hitting 22 HRs and 71 RBIs while hitting .321. Currently still playing for the Baltimore Lords he has a lifetime BA of .263 with 119 HRs and 450 RBIs in six ML seasons.

Season 3: New York Highlanders and coach jt3 selected P Jimmy Paul with the #1 pick in season 3. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4mil bonus he went 9-7 with 110 Ks and a 1.78 ERA in 16 games. After spending the next two seasons in the minors, Jimmy made his ML debut in season 6 where he went 14-10 with a 4.32 ERA while striking out 139. Currently playing for the Columbus Blue Birds, Jimmy has a career record of 68-60 w/ 4 complete games and 746 Ks. 

Season 4: mjmage and the Pittsburgh Crawfords selected 2B Quilvio Javier with the #1 pick in season 4. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4mil bonus he hit .336 with 7 HRs and 73 RBIs in 69 games. Called up during season 7, Quilvio appeared in 45 games hitting .319 with 6 HRs and 23 RBIs. After 3 ML seasons, Quilvio has collected 700 hits w/ 81 HRs and 351 RBIs. He has also stolen 107 bases in 136 attempts.

Season 5: reggiedeal and the Monterrey Gray Ghosts selected 1B Harold Burrell with the #1 pick in season 5. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4mil bonus he hit .350 with 26 HRs and 83 RBIs in 76 games between the RL and Low A. After only 2 ½ seasons in the minors Harold made his ML debut while still playing in Monterrey where he hit 18 HRs and 50 RBIs while batting .266 in 76 games. He has hit 211 HRs and 524 RBIs w/ .309 and an OPS 1.015 in 3 ML seasons.

Season 6: The El Paso Sun Kings and coach dublinuf made P Norm Corino the #1 pick in season 6. After signing a RL contract w/ a $5.9mil bonus he went 10-1 with 94 Ks and a 1.57 ERA in 14 games at the Low A level. Norm was promted to the ML during season 10 where he had a 14-11 record with 179 Ks and a 3.92 ERA. I the equivalent of one full ML season he has gone 19-13 with 239 Ks and a 3.72 ERA.

Season 7: The Colorado Grizzlies and coach ice_rat selected P Niko Barry as the #1 pick in season 7. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4mil bonus he went 10-3 with 103 Ks and a 2.83 ERA in 14 games between the RL and Low A. Niko made his ML debut during season 9 starting 18 games w/ a 7-8 record and 5.81 ERA. He was sent back down to AAA to start season 10 but brought back up after 3 starts and had a record of 4-12. After one full ML season Niko has a career record of 14-26 with a 6.20 ERA.

Season 8: CF J.B. Bradford was selected #1 in season 8 by the Monterrey Mustangs and coach bballc. After signing a RL contract w/ a $4mil bonus he hit 30 HRs and 106 RBIs while batting .361 in 80 games at the Low A level. J.B. made his ML debut this season and has hit .336 while hitting 8 HRs and 21 RBIs in 29 games.

*Number of ML seasons based on full seasons played

* Season 9 and 10 #1 picks have not played in majors 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top 10 Catching Prospects

This is the first installment of a new feature that will take a look at the top prospects in Doubleday world by position.  For the first list of rankings, we will be taking a look at the best catching prospects Doubleday has to offer.

1.  Zeus McBride - Tucson Sidewinders (AAA)

Zeus tops the rankings mainly due to the offensive potential he possesses.  He projects to be an all-star caliber C based off of offense alone and is no slouch on the defensive end either.  Currently through 47 games, Zeus is hitting .261 with 10 HR and 31 RBI at the AAA level.

2. Felipe Martin - Las Vegas Thunder (Low A)

Felipe projects as an everyday ML catcher who is almost a lock to make it through the season injury free.  Martin is another catching prospect who possesses a solid bat and pretty decent defense, although his pitch calling is a question mark at the time.  Currently, through 47 games Felipe is hitting .310 with 6 HR and 35 RBI at the Low A level.

3. Charles Pribanic - Salt Lake City Trappers (RL)

Charles is another top notch offensive prospect who will excel with the bat in his hands.  His pitch calling is a question mark at this stage of his career, but he looks to more than make up for it with his production at the plate.  The former 33rd pick in the draft hit .364 with 14 HR and 60 RBI in season 10 at the RL level.

4. Wandy Galarraga - Portland Gladiators (High A)

The glaring concern with Galarraga thus far is the lack of durability he seems to possess.  So far he has failed to play more than 66 games in a season and doesn't look to be the type of guy that will be able to play every day in the future.  There is no arguing, however, about the production at the plate when this guy is in the lineup.  He's not a liability behind the dish and will put up great numbers when he's in the lineup.  Through 43 games this season, Galarraga is hitting .302 with 10 HR and 51 RBI.

5. Yeico Mateo - Seattle Pilots (Low A)

You guessed it, yet another offensive minded catcher makes the list.  Yeico might be the best defensively of the top 5 catchers though.  He doesn't project as a big time power hitter, but will hit for average every year.  Signed as an IFA out of Villa Vazquez, DO, Yeico is hitting at a .376 clip through 48 games with 11 HR and 34 RBI.

6. Marty Charles - Detroit Wolverines (AA)

What stands out about this young catcher is his great patience at the plate.  This guy will make pitchers work out there and if he's not taking a walk, he's putting the ball in play.  Through 54 games at the AA level, Marty is hitting .267 with 9 HR and 24 RBI.  He also has taken 39 walks in that span.

7. Sparky Sinclair - St. Louis Brown Stockings (AAA)

Sparky projects to be a solid every day ML catcher in the near future.  He is a good offensive player, but his lack of speed keeps him from beating out close plays as well as stretching hits extra bases.  Sparky is hitting .224 though 52 games at the AAA level.  He has only 9 extra base hits out of his 44 hits on the year.

8. Don Harper - Seattle Pilots (AAA)

Seattle has their second catcher in the top 10 with Harper.  Harper, unlike the top 7, is known for his defensive ability and calling an exceptional game behind the plate.  Harper is the type of guy who any pitcher would love to throw to and can make a staff better than they are.  Harper can also hit the ball around a little bit as he is known for putting the ball in play and not so much for his power.  Through 8 games at the AAA level Harper is hitting .429.  Harper had a brief stint at the beginning of the year in the ML but not enough to keep him off of our list.  He struggled from the plate hitting just .167 in 27 games.

9. Henry Corey - Montreal Shamrocks (High A)

Corey is another player who was drafted as a catcher and is geared more towards the offensive aspect of the game.  His lack of ability to manage a game from behind the plate has some scouts worried and wondering if he ultimately won't end up at the DH spot.  He has plenty of pop in his bat to produce in the lineup for an ML team.  Through 47 games at the High A level, Corey is raking with a .339 average to go along with 15 HR and 59 RBI.

10. Brant McCormick - Detroit Wolverines (Low A)

McCormick rounds out the top 10 list.  The only thing keeping Brant from being a top 3 prospect is his durability.  The guy simply just can't go for very long.  When he is in the lineup, however, McCormick might be the best combination of defense and offense on our list.  Through 22 games McCormick is hitting .374 with 6 HR and 25 RBI.

Stay tuned for the next installment which will take a look at the top 1B in Doubleday.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Lead-off hitter?

Alex Shinjo - 3 completed seasons and has scored over 400 runs, 159 HR's and 155 SB's..

Also Nominated...
Kansas City- Magglio Alvarado
El Paso - Felipe Guerrero
Montreal - Herman Swann
Seattle- Carlos Andujar
Pittsburgh- Mariano Polanco

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 5 Power Rankings 1/1/11

2nd Pitching, 4th Batting
Record: 11-3

6th Pitching, 6th Batting
Record: 12-2

10th Pitching, 5th Batting
Record: 10-4

15th Pitching, 1st Batting
Record 9-5

1st Pitching , 10th Batting
Record: 9-5