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Monday, October 11, 2010

Where are they now? Rookie of the Year winners!

NL Season 1: Albert Wall - NL ROY has eclipsed the 500 HR mark! Wall also has the single season HR record of 74. Wall is a former 2 time NL MVP, 3 time HR Derby champ and 7 time All-Star
AL Season 1: Valerio Pizzaro - Pizzaro has hit the 400 HR mark and will probably end his career with around 500. Pizzaro 1 time HR Derby Champ and 3 time All-Star.

NL Season 2: Brett Raymond- in season 2 Raymond went 16-7 to win the NL ROY award.. Since then he's won no more than 14 games and hasn't had much of a career. Raymond is a 1 time All-Star and has 2 World Championship rings to his credit.
AL Season 2: Oswaldo Navarro-  in 8 ML years Navarro has hit 40 HR's in 7 of them! Navarro has won a MVP award and 3 time All-Star.

NL Season 3: Les Cloud- Cloud has been part of the Louisville Franchise from day 1.One of the biggest threats in the ML, Cloud has accumulated 6 time All-Star, 1 time All-Star MVP , 1 time HR Derby Champ, and 4 World Championship rings.
AL Season 3: Abraham Inge- Inge started a little slow in his career after taking the ROY award home but he has made a nice transition since then. Inge has managed to become a 3 time All-Star and also has 1 World Championship ring to his credit.

NL Season 4: Lefty Moore- In his 6th ML season Moore has done a lot to cement his name into the Doubleday HOF. At 27 he's already hit 281 HR while being one of the most feared hitters in the NL. Moore has 1 MVP award and 3 All-Star appearances.
AL Season 4: Charlie Hitchcock- Hitchcock has to be one of the biggest disappointments to ever win the ROY award. In 155 starts he's only won 50 games...He has 1 All-Star appearance.

NL Season 5: Harry Bennett- Since his 18-9 performance in season 5, Bennett had 2 more consecutive 18 wins seasons. Even with the 2 18 wins seasons he only managed to be an All-Star 1 time.
AL Season 5: Rafael Seanez- Seanez had a great rookie season but hasn't even came close to that level of play since. Seanez managed to gather 2 Gold Gloves for RF since his ROY award win.

NL Season 6: Jamie Helton- Helton had a phenomenal rookie season and he hasn't really let up yet! Averaging 40hr/year and over .300ba. Helton has 1 All-Star appearance in his career.
AL Season 6: Kevin Strickland- 52 HR in his rookie season with Colorado. Strickland appeared to be a new threat. For 2 more seasons he hit pretty well over 30 hr per season then he was picked up by Kansas City..He hasn't had a full ML season since season 8. He is in AAA right now awaiting further instructions.Strickland has 1 All-Star appearance.

NL Season 7: Eduardo Gandarillas- 51-22 since his rookie year , Gandarillas is a very feared Pitcher. He hasn't been able to do well enough to garner an All-Star appearance.
AL Season 7: Branch Ryan- Ryan is a solid 1b/C and has averaged 27 HR per season. Much like his NL ROY partner he also hasn't garnered an All-Star appearance.

NL Season 8: Alex Shinjo- 100 HR and 200 RBI in his first 2 seasons, Shinjo is going to be a beast! Shinjo already an All-Star and has hit for the Cycle in his career.
AL Season 8: Fausto Vargas- 45 HR and 203 RBI in 2 seasons, Vargas is on his way to becoming a very good player! Vargas is already a 2 time All-Star.

NL Season 9: Trevor Arnold & Billy Herbert- Arnold hit over 30HR in his first season wh ile Herbert went 10-1. Both guys got exactly the same amount of votes. Arnold hasn't won any awards yet while Herbert has a World Championship ring.
AL Season 9: Erubiel Bournigal- All-Star and Golden Glove in his first season! Bournigal is going to have a very promising career.