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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Playoff Predictions!!

#6 Memphis vs. #3 Salem- Although Memphis barely entered the playoffs I feel with the players on this team they can win this series. 3-2 MEMPHIS

#5 Kansas City vs. #4 Jacksonville- As much as I love Dan Hudler and Erv Hines, Jacksonville doesn't stand a chance against a team that just simply has it all!  3-1 KANSAS CITY

#6 Detroit vs. #3 Honolulu- Detroit finally made the playoffs!!! Now they are going to lose to a very good Honolulu team. 3-2 HONOLULU

#5Tucson vs. #4 Pittsburgh- Tucson is also in their first ever playoff appearance! This series to me will be the closest of all! Tucson put together a very good team and a good run at the end of the season to make it here. Pittsburgh has let me down for the last 3 seasons.... I pick 3-2 TUCSON