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Thursday, March 17, 2011

FA Craze!!

Tucson made 2 huge signings in Free Agency!!! They signed 33 yr old SP Pedro Bennett to a 76.5m w/10mil bonus over 4 year contract! He'll be 37 yrs old when the contract is up.. I hope he can hold up for that long, Tucson has one of the best training facilities in the world so that's a plus! Speaking of training facilities and big contracts, Tucson not only signed Bennett but they signed LF stud Les Cloud! It's reported that Cloud will be receiving 65mil over 5 years putting him also at 37 years old when his contract is up. Tucson wants to win it all now and now wait so dumping all that money into two players is a risk but with SP Blaine Stanton and C Zeuss McBride one would think that they may finally have the pieces required to get to the championship!
Vancouver made another huge transaction today after trading 3B Evers away, they signed former Kansas City slugger RF Al Gonzales to a 4 yr 52 mil dollar contract with a 2 yr bonus attached. Gonzales has been a very reliable bat throughout his ML career driving in an average of 100+ rbi per season while having a career OPS over .800. This helps build an offense to go along with the pitching rotation that could be one of the best in the AL hands down!