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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New to Doubleday! How they got here!

Soxyanks12: It's a funny story of how I became the owner of the Jacksonville Tars...You see after my divorce I decided to head on down to the beach for spring break a few years ago. While I was there making up for lost time while I was married to that hag I met a girl. She was smokin hot and crazy as hell. Well we hooked up that night and one thing led to another...I didn’t really see her much after spring break but I stayed in Fla working as a bartender having the time of my life! One day she shows up out of nowhere to let me know she was pregnant and that it had to be mine cuz she was a virgin when we..well you know! As I said b4 this girl was HOTT! And I love kids so I let her know I would be around...well we started dating and one day I met her family. Turns out the old man was the owner of the Jacksonville Tars! After getting over the fact I was nearly old enough to be his daughter’s daddy (turns out she was 19!) We hit it off right away...He gave me a job in the front office and here I am 2 years later running the team! Go figure!

Sergei91 is an American film and television actor. He is the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen. In 2010, 91 was the highest paid actor on television, earning US$1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men. His personal life has also made headlines, including reports about alcohol and drug abuse and marital problems as well as allegations of domestic violence. He was fired from his role on Two and a Half Men by CBS and Warner Bros. on March 7, 2011. Looking for new opportunities to keep his extravagant lifestyle going and going, he decided to invest in an HBD team in Doubleday, the highly successful baseball league..

My name is Larry Arfmanowitz. I live in Memphis, Tennessee. I recenlty bought a new home here formerly known as 'Graceland'. You might have heard of it.

I made my millions over the last few years selling GD(Gridiron Dynasty) cheat codes to the likes of Plague, Nelson, Vhoward, Ebel, Buffalo_rob, Kcden and many others. When GD decided to switch to a new game engine, my cheat codes became useless. So I decided I needed to invest my boatloads of cash elsewhere. I picked up this pathetic excuse for a baseball team in Louisville at the dollar store. They said it had been there a while, nobody wanted it.

As CEO of this franchise we have big plans in store. We plan on cutting down payroll and making a big youth movement push. We also plan on lowering ticket prices and offering free admission to anyone that remember the last time this franchise actually had a winning season.

Well as the owner of an NFL franchise with no team or future season in sight I decided to pack up from Dallas and move to Helena. Let’s face it. People don’t like me so I decided moving to Montana no one would know me here. I guess I will try to micro manage a baseball franchise.