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Monday, June 13, 2011

City changes!

Doubleday Daily

Rochester, NY

Nyaggie, the  owner of last seasons Rochester team has relocated to Toledo, another move in an attempt to get better fans and an advantage for his team. Toledo was the original home of the franchise when owned by Charlie22098.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dublinuf has moved from El Paso to Memphis to San Juan and now to Charleston, this move has to be the move to finally bring home the World Series gold.. Or not.. Is the ballpark really that big of a deal? We'll see if it improves his team this season.

Jacksonville, FL

Once the Boston Beaneaters and now the Trenton Thunder, Bobkordecki has now purchased his third team in Doubleday. He began with Trenton in the NL North which is known now as the Detroit Wolverines then he purchased the Helena Fruit Pickers and now the former Jacksonville squad and moved them to Trenton. Hopefully his magic takes off on this team!