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Monday, June 13, 2011

Shamrocks no more!

Doubleday Daily Special Report

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Shamrocks are no more! Owner Tom Highway has decided not to renegotiate the contract with the city of Montreal and has decided to move south into the borders of the United States. Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Paul Soglin had many discussions over the past 2 months with Tom Highway regarding this move. It was kept out of media for many reasons but it is not official, Tom Highway has moved his team to Madison where they will now be known as the Madison Mallards! Madison is an extremely hitter friendly park that should improve the offensive numbers but will it help them get back to the playoffs? Newly acquired LF Trevor Arnold believes it will! We will soon be able to tell just what lies ahead for the franchise! Good luck Madison, with Seattle and K.C. in your division you will need it.