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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Doubleday Hall of Fame!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

With the recent HBD forum discussion about the Hall of Fame I'd like to take time to recognize guys who are closing in on milestones....I've already made the 1,000 hits and K's club located on the left below the Single Season record holder list. I would like this to be discussed on the WC or Blog chat. I'd like to see everyone's point of view.

1. Luis Picasso : Retired/ Does Luis Picasso deserve to be part of the Doubleday Hall of Fame? 863 career hits and a .331 career average in 678 games. Picasso has 3 All Star appearances and 2 Silver Sluggers, 1 as a DH and 1 as a LF. Picasso only went to the playoffs 1 time where he played 15 games and posted .309BA, 3HR, 9RBI and a .433OBP. I'd like to say he will be remembered by all that started in Doubleday from the beginning as the first $100mil man. Vote Yes/No?

2. Homer Sandberg : Sandberg is the current career stolen base leader up by 40 over William Webster. Sandberg is 34 years old and has 542 stolen bases, 930 hits, .363OBP. Sandberg has 1 All Star appearance and has been to the playoffs 1 time posting a .043BA and 5sb in just 7 games. Sandberg has been considered one of the worlds better leadoff hitters early in his career when he scored 134 runs in season 1. Vote Yes/No?

3. Dan Hudler : Hudler has probably the best eye in Doubleday. He has been walked more times then anyone one in Doubleday history (635). Career numbers are .325BA, 1,126 Hits,.433OBP and 182HR. Hudler has 3 All Star appearances, 3 Silver Slugger and 2 MVP awards. He has been to the playoffs 5 times posting .308BA, 11HR and 32RBI in 45 games. Is Hudler a future Hall of Famer? Vote Yes/No?

4. Damion Mitchell Mitchell has been part of the Honolulu Franchise his entire career. Mitchell's career numbers are 55wins 49losses,3.17era, 1.24WHIP and .246OAV. Mitchell's numbers would not indicate that he really struggled in his career. In fact you could say he should have a better win/loss record. Mitchell has 1 career no-hitter and no All Star appearances. Mitchell has been to the playoffs one time and pitched in 2 games. In 12 playoff innings he went 0-1 with .186OAV and 3.00era. Vote Yes/No?

5. Albert O'Brien While everyone's talking about Maxwell, Wall and other players.. One guy who has been consistently doing his job and making everyone pay is O'Brien! O'Brien has posted .295BA, 812Hits, 177HR and .362OBP in just over 4 1/2 seasons. O'Brien has 3 All Star appearances, 2 Silver Slugger CF and 1 MVP award. He has been to the playoffs 1 time playing in 10 games putting up .282BA, 2HR, and 7RBI. Vote Yes/No?