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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 10 Season 7 Draft picks!

Opey Higgins

This list is going to be about the top 10 draft picks, not by draft order but by quality of pick.

1. Niko Barry (SP, COL)- Drafted in the #1 spot is Niko Barry! Colorado's first ever STUD! I'm sure next season a ton of people will try to steal Barry from Colorado but from what the Colorado owner said earlier this season he plans on building his future through the draft. Barry is a solid start!

2. Sherm Spence (CF, Sal)- Drafted #5 Sherm Spence is projected to be a friggin AMAZING Center Fielder! Questionable health but has awesome contact along with the ability to crush any LH pitcher around. He will be a huge threat when he's ready to play in the Bigs..

3. Sam Riske (P, ELP)- Drafted #8 , Riske is a steal! All around better pick than Banks at #2. Riske is among a nice group of young pitchers in El Paso and so long as they keep them in the system El Paso will have probably the best pitching at the ML level in about 3 seasons! Riske is going to be a superstar!

4. Ned Banks (P, Det)- Drafted #2, Banks looks to be just as amazing as Niko Barry.. Only a couple of differences.. Banks doesn't have the control or the stamina.. What he does have is the better pitches and close/equal splits. Banks is a great pick at #2!

5. Danny Donovan (LF, Van)- Drafted #3 by Vancouver.. Considering the amount of players drafted below Donovan this wasn't a bad pick. Donovan is super fast and has a great bat as well. He will get on very easy by either making contact or drawing the walk.. Once he's on, he's a threat to steal! Pretty good on the base paths so he could probably turn long singles to doubles with ease!

6. Demaso Trevino (P, TOL)- Words can't describe how great of a pick this is! At pick 11, Trevino may not have the stamina to go over maybe 6 innings but he has the potential to be a very big star! Great control and damn good splits! Very dominant vs. RH. Trevino is just awesome!

7. Birdie Price (LF, SF)- Price drafted at #16 is a steal! Price has great power, splits and eye! Very durable and decent health he appears to be the Pizzaro type that can play WAY more games.. Damn good pick!

8. Henry Corey (C/DH RIC)- Drafted at #25, Corey has a nice bat! Not much help in the NL so he'll probably be traded away by the time he's ready for the ML. Awesome eye and contact. Has pretty good power and about average splits. He still should be a pretty good DH in the future!

9. Mark Lim (P, Pitt) Drafted #22, Lim will be a pretty good Long Reliever! Great control and dominant vs. RHB. He has 2 good pitches as well, Lim is already surrounded by pretty good young talent and on his way up will wind up with a nice supporting cast.

10. Hugh Hawkins (2b, MON) Hawkins drafted 32nd has to prove this draft was DEEP! Hawkins possesses above average speed, contact,eye and not too bad splits. He will be relatively good at the ML Level considering the power loss that has occurred!