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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The History of the Texas Colts

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily


The Texas Colts originated in San Juan as the Cyclones in season 1 where they went just 46-116.. Players like Johnny Cambridge and Fritz Neugebauer were the only bright spots on the ML Roster. In season 2 the San Juan Cyclones found themselves improving but not much.. They managed to draft Rafael Seanez with the first overall pick which was a bright spot with the team moving forward..

However with the good draft pick they traded one of their only good players on the ML level, Cambridge for at the time High A level Ricardo Guardado.. Who? you say? Well exactly what I'm asking.. Guardado has done very little in the bigs since being promoted..

Season 3 the franchise took a new direction.. They moved to Jackson with new ownership and that was a pretty good move! They made several moves to improve the ML team.. However of all the moves the main one that they stuck with was the acquisition of Mariano Guerrero! Guerrero's first season with the franchise was dismal.. But he would eventually turn things around a bit. in the 3 seasons since he's hit 30,34,42 HR's and his average is considerably better than the .216 in the first season with the team. The team also benefitted, Winning it's first division title with the record of 92-70.

Season 4! Coming off the division title success and posting the teams best record in the history of the world they started seeing more success.. The ownership also kept making some more moves in hopes of improving. The draft helped them gain another decent prospect..Danny Torres drafted in the first round at pick 26. They also signed IFA Phil Hiro.. The team would again win 92 games and the division..

Season 5! Now moved from Jackson to Arlington,Texas ..The team again bought by another person! That was the start of the fall.. The team traded off 4 of its top ML stars in exchange for some depth... Nothing special...They went 79-83 and had appeared to not be improving despite drafting Benito Sanchez in the first round at pick 25..

Season 6 didn't hold anymore improvement for the team as they went 73-89 with an average draft class considering they had 3 first round picks.. It seemed like they were continuing to spiral out of control...

Season 7... New owner again and no trades have been made at this point. The draft was pretty successful drafting Patrick Flanagan with the 12th overall pick.. Currently 2nd place in the ML.. Needs to do some signing of Minor leaguers to help get his prospects in better shape..Other then that Texas may be on the way back up..