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Thursday, August 19, 2010

500 Home Runs!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

Montgomery, Alabama

It was hot August morning in Alabama.. Montgomery Bombers were taking on the Memphis Turtles, a game that had some mild importance for Montgomery. They are trying to secure a 1st round bye in the Playoffs in hopes to repeat their World Series performance from last season. With all the excitement of being the best in the division again they had another thing to look forward to.. Philip Maxwell hitting his 500th career Home Run... Maxwell would enter the game with 499HR career.. He had been Home Runless for 8 games and the season is nearing an end..

Maxwell would lead off the bottom of the 2nd where he would be facing one of the future bright spots for Memphis, Gerald Hammond. Hammond would toss a 92mph fast ball that missed for a ball with his first pitch..Obviously nervous Hammond would take another shot this time aiming high missing the strikezone completely! Maxwell would back out of the batter's box for a moment then step back in.. Up 2 balls with no strikes Maxwell was in the zone... You could see it in his eyes..  When Hammond threw the 3rd pitch Maxwell's eyes lit up and he hit the ball 475ft out left field! Number 500! As he rounded 3rd the rest of the team came out to meet him at home plate. The umpires called a "Time out" on the game so Maxwell could celebrate his accomplishment for a moment.

Maxwell retreated to the dugout where the team all continued to congratulate him.. After the game we talked to teammate Hoss Collins. "He's been the biggest asset our team has had over the time I've been here. We can't be happier for him and we're glad that he chose to re-sign with the team and stay on long term." Said Collins. Maxwell is scheduled to do an interview with us tomorrow night so stay tuned. We will bring you more from Montgomery when we do our playoff special in a week.