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Monday, August 16, 2010

Milestone: Maxwell's House!!

Montgomery, Alabama .. Home of arguably the best player in Doubleday history, Philip Maxwell.  Maxwell began his career in Los Angeles (now Vancouver) where he played 18 games smashing 6 home runs and batting .323. He was then traded to San Jose(now Iowa City) where he played 94 games before being traded AGAIN to Boston(now Jacksonville). Maxwell's first season was very busy but while he was being tossed around he managed to hit 61HR with .325 batting avg. while also tallying 210 hits on the season a Doubleday his personal high mark. Maxwell again would be traded in season 2 to Montreal where he would go on to hit 64HR and hit .336 while being voted the AL MVP.

Not so shocking after all the times he'd been traded already Montreal would then trade him to Oakland. Before the season started Oakland traded him to Albuquerque(now Salem) where he would stay for 2 seasons totaling 111HR and hitting .310. Maxwell again would be traded about midway through season 5. This time to St. Louis(now Montgomery).  Maxwell's first season in STL he would finish that season with 49 HR and less than .300 batting avg. Maxwell was asked how he felt about the trading and he said "I finally feel like I'm wanted here." The following season he'd go on and win the AL MVP for the 2nd time in his career after exploding with 63HR.  Maxwell has been on a steady pace to reach the All-Time HR leader in both Doubleday and the "Real world". At just 27yrs old he managed to have 2 MVP awards a few All Star appearances and a record breaking pace to the top of Doubleday.

Season 7 would be different.. Maxwell struggled all season trying to hit the long ball...His batting avg. also declined from previous seasons and it looked like he was going to take a turn for the worse career wise. His personal life was in shambles after breaking up with his celebrity ex-girlfriend.. Maxwell wasn't himself at all....  After season 7 he checked himself into a psychologist for some evaluating... We didn't hear much from him over the course of the season 7-8 off season but when he returned in season 8 he was back to his old self. Season 8 he blasted 61HR and hit .338......Winning him another AL MVP award and taking Montgomery to the World Series and WINNING! Ending season 8 with career 445HR in the books he was told by owner Stiller to take a vacation and really think about the future. There were talks of a Maxwell trade but they never happened...

Maxwell took the advice and flew to Costa Rica for a week to clear his mind and think about his future with the team. When he came back he sat down with the owner and discussed his future and signed a new contract keeping him with the team through season 12 at 8.5mil a year...

Season 9 began and Maxwell started out pretty much on fire hitting 2HR in his first game but then he slowed down immediately. He hit only 3HR in the following 15 games.. Nobody was really noticing the struggle..  Maxwell managed to avoid press coverage but his owner seen what was going on. Again another discussion took place and Maxwell began some counselling sessions. Within a 10 game span Maxwell came out of his slump and started towards 500HR. The last couple weeks we've been tracking his progress and today he sits at 499 career homeruns.. Everyone knows he will get there but it's a matter of when and who it will be against. Will it be against Kansas City? Seattle? Or will this have to wait until they play Memphis.. Only time will tell. We will record in the history books the date he does hit his 500th and the pitcher that gave it up. So stay tuned!