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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maxwell Press Conference

Tom Highway: We’re here with Montgomery Bombers superstar Philip Maxwell. Philip tell me what you felt when you started closing in on 500 career Home Runs.
Maxwell: Well I must admit I felt a sense of entitlement.  Being in a world where you’re the all-time Home Run leader, it’s a special feeling. As I got closer I felt the pressure. When 499 left the park I knew the next one would be hard to get. It’s a relief to know that monkey is off my back.

Tomhighway: Do you see yourself being the All-Time career Home Run leader for a long time?

Maxwell: It depends, I have a lot of time left. I may put the mark way out of anyone’s range. Hard to answer right now.

Tom Highway:  Do you think you’ll stay in Montgomery until you retire?

Maxwell:  That’s out of my hands, It all depends on what management has in store for me. I realize this is business, so I don’t get my hopes up. If I had my way I’d end my career as a Bomber. Only time will tell.

Tom Highway::  Come on Philip.. Can you tell me anything without having an open ended answer?

Maxwell: I take it one day at a time. I don’t put all my eggs into one basket. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Got any more clichés for me?

Tom Highway::  And I bet your car insurance is through Geico… Right?

Maxwell: I don’t drive , I have a limo driver to take me where I want to go. Next Question!!!

Tom Highway:  Nice I only have an Escalade..

Mike Prince: Mr. Maxwell I have a question for you.

Maxwell:Yes, go ahead.

Mike Prince: What did you give the boy who caught the record setting ball?

Maxwell::  First of all I don’t interact with the fans. I have people do that for me. And from what I was told by one of my boys is that they got the ball relatively easy.  I wasn’t told I had to give up anything. Wasn’t that nice?

Mike Prince:  Are you planning on keeping it or donating it to the Hall of Fame?

Maxwell: Depends how I feel, not sure how I feel about it right now though. I’d like to stare at it for a little while longer. I plan on sleeping with it tonight, then after that we’ll see where things go.

Tom Highway:: Thank you Mr. Maxwell for your time.

Maxwell: No problem.