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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Around the Block

A busy week in Doubleday with Free Agency, Promotions, Trades etc..  To start off I have received word that Detroit is willing to deal Nolan Cain. Yes, big news! Detroit is seeking a good position player and a VERY good Starting Pitcher. From what I gather it don't matter if the players are prospects or ML vets.

Moving on, Some updated Free Agency news! Kansas City signed Kevin Colin in the last week to a 5 year 88 million dollar contract. El Paso signed Felipe Guerrero to a 4 year 55 million dollar contract with a 1.3 mil signing bonus! And last but certainly not least, Chicago managed to attempt to replace Albert Wall by signing Erv Hines to a 4 year 20.8 million dollar contract!

Huntington Heroes promoted the #9 pick from season 7 draft SS Benjamin Rigby to Major League squad! Rigby projects to be a stud at the Shortstop position with a very good bat. Philadelphia also did some promoting this season.. Felipe Roque has been promoted to the Major League team and is said to be potentially the best call up in several seasons.