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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to Season 11!!

To start off with Season 11 we had two owners sell off their franchises. Long time Colorado Grizzlies owner Ice-Rat decided it was time to sell because of the past terrible seasons. He had a great thing building but in Colorado it just kills any new pitching. Same thing for the former Charlotte franchise, could have become a better team with patience however the team has been sold!!

Incoming owners captainpud2 bought the Charlotte franchise and moved them to El Paso where he hopes to revive and rebuild a team in desperate need of attention. With only 5 seasons under his belt he has managed to get to the playoffs 3 times. I hope the success continues in El Paso!!! The 2nd owner to come in is a brand new owner to the HBD world! Bagwellbuff takes the former Colorado team and moves them north to Vancouver where he plans on taking this team to the next level!