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Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Free Agent Signings so far!

Albert Wall being signed by Montgomery to a 5 year 100 million dollar contract with a 2 million dollar signing bonus! Montgomery added the man that comes 2nd place in career Home Runs to the other 2 guys who sit at the top of the list with him. The power Montgomery has right now is scary.. The question right now is, Who can stop them from scoring?

Junior Cerveza was not re-signed by Montgomery allowing Huntington, a division rival to snag up the 35 year old SP. Cerveza is only getting 15million over the next 2 seasons and to me that is a great value. He will not be the same pitcher he is now after those 2 seasons are up. Cerveza could potentially still get it done with Cy Young type numbers. Huntington should get quality for the next 2 seasons and possibly get back to the post season.

SP Arnold Dougherty has returned to Chicago!  A 28 million dollar contract for the next 4 seasons with a no trade clause has pretty much made Dougherty a Chicago Whale for the rest of his career. Much like Junior Cerveza he still posesses most of his skills. He will not be able to go as long in games but while he's pitching he'll still put out quality performances. Chicago's signing of Dougherty doesn't put them in a position to where they make the playoffs instantly, they still have work to do.

Oh look! Montgomery signed ANOTHER very good player this offseason. RP Virgil Hayes agreed to a 4 year 26.8 million dollar contract.  Hayes is a very good RP that has the potential to close on most teams, we  will see just where he ends up on the pitching staff once Spring Training ends.