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Thursday, November 5, 2009

After 120 games!



We've had a quiet season here on the blog and this update is basically to talk about random thing's happening in the world. A few surprises in the American league would be 1.) New York holding down 2nd place in the AL East. We all knew it would happen eventually but the Jacksonville team has it's strongest team since being in that division. New York has one true MVP on their team and it's SP ROBINSON DREIFORT! Dreifort going 15-7 with a 2.90 era is keeping them towards the top of the division and will be a huge help if they are to catch Philly.

Las Vegas is in 2nd place in the AL West however not going to make a playoff spot they've managed to get a good draft this season and are attempting to bring in young talent for the future.

Disappointments: Salt Lake City, SLC has a very solid team and has been the main team pushing to take Montreal out in the AL North. This season they haven't been playing to the potential that they are capable of. That offense is pretty solid with great players like Kid Sadler, Bob Scutaro and Carlos Gandarillas. Hopefully they will figure out what's happening soon and fix it.


4 great division battles going on currently. Ottawa with only a 3 game lead of Chicago in the North, Toledo up by 3 over the very very tough Pittsburgh, Austin up 6 over Louisville and Omaha over Honolulu by 5. The Surprise team in the NL is certainly Pittburgh. Pitt has now moved up to be considered one of the hardest teams to play in the world. Nolan Cain has been a disappointment since being brought up to the ML level but luckily for Pitt they have solid pitching and an amazing Closer in Matthews. Christopher Matthews appears to be a big name in other areas too.. As the races come down to the wire I will be discussing possible scenarios and make my predictions of who is in and who is out.