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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Break out performances!


Every player has a season where they produce exceptionally more then they have in the past. Whether their team is winning or losing I'd like to point out a few break out season performances.

Gary Mateo (1B,HUN): 31 HR, 111 RBI and .313 BA. Mateo's previous highs are 23 HR, 101 RBI and .288 BA.

Mark Post (Sp,MON): 22-1, 2.25 era and 179 k's. Post's previous highs are 21-4, 2.71 era and 201 k's.

Junior Cerveza (Sp, STL): 21-2, 2.13 era and 178 k's. Cerveza's previous highs are 16 wins, 2.87 era and 215 k's.

Robinson Dreifort (Sp, NY): 20-8, 2.79 era and 181 k's. Dreifort's previous highs are 17 wins, 3.66 era and 200 k's.

Fonzie Puffer (2b,SD): 132 SB's and 5 3b's. Puffer's previous highs are 110 SB's and 5 3b's.

Jeremi Evans (Closer, TOL): 46 saves, 1.59 era. Evans previous highs are 46 saves and 2.16 era.