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Saturday, November 21, 2009




San Fransisco (79-83) vs. New York (95-67): San Fransisco the obvious under dog here with a pretty tough offense led by C George Forrest won a weak division. Last season they surprised everyone by defeating the Jacksonville Suns (Boston Beaneaters) moving on to the DCS. New York on the other hand has great pitching combined with several offensive studs. New York pulled off 2nd place in a tough AL East so I give the nod to New York. 3-1.


Philadelphia (97-65) vs. Jacksonville (93-69): Jacksonville's much improved pitching didn't win them the Division. With a 4-6 record vs. Philly this season it's pretty safe to say this series could go down to the last game. I predict Jacksonville wins 3-2.


Omaha (88-74) vs. Louisville (93-69): Very evenly matched teams here.. I give the veteran experience of Louisville coach Rbedwell the edge in this tough series. Omaha's pitching will be strong but I feel Louisville's offense is just that damn good. Louisville 3-2.


Ottawa (90-72) vs. Richmond (92-70): Richmond's poor offense will be tough to beat the offense led by Jermaine Pierre! I predict Ottawa wins 3-1 all close games.