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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Season 6 Done! Random stuff !


1.) Seattle has it's best record in Franchise History. 81-81 tops former high record of 73-89.

2.) San Francisco reports that George Forrest had his 4th straight .300+ season. Forrest is among the best hitters in DD history with a career average of .313.

3.) San Diego's offense was last in league in Strikeouts and last in the league in Walks!

4.) Philadelphia's Bernie Alvarez has 24 CG's in 71 starts for Philly. Approx. every 3rd start is a CG.

5.) Kansas City's Magglio Alvarado was a rule 5 pick last season. Became All Star in season 6 playing CF for KC.

6.) Huntington's worst finish ever!

7.) Cleveland posted the best record in Franchise History this season!

8.) Despite 2 seasons with Albert Wall and Spike Logan, Chicago has yet to make the playoffs in the last 2 seasons.