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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Season 8 Free Agency news!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

The last 2 days of Free Agency has been exciting to say the least.. You have some major stars going places you would've never thought they'd end up. Owner Jubalado of the Boise Steelheads signed P Rickey Grimsley, Grimsley is 81-62 career with a 3.66 era. The 1 time All Star was unable to be reached for comment.

P Rafael Pena is going BACK to Durham! Different franchise however.. Pena a 4 Time All Star, and former 2 time Cy Young winner hasn't slowed down at the age of 36 he still managed to win 17 games last season. Pena may have been a great bargain for $37.5/3yrs.

Montreal picked of 2 huge free agents! Dan Hudler and Homer Vance! Both of these players are going to pick up the offense. Hudler has the highest career OBP. in the world and Homer Vance is tied for the most hits in a single season. Montreal went and sold everyone last season to gain some prospects and now they blow up and buy 2 of the more expensive Free Agents in the world.