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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Season 8 is here!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

Doubleday Headquarters, MO

We've officially started season 8 here in Doubleday! First I'd like to talk about new owners that have come into the world! Toledo was bought by optistrat and the team was moved to Washington D.C., The 3rd city this franchise has seen. Expect good things to happen this season as optistrat brings new ideas and strategies to the team. This season we have had 2 former Doubleday owners return but not to their former teams! Former Trenton Hoffa's (Detroit Wolverines) owner bobkordecki has bought out the former San Francisco franchise! And moved the team to Helena! Very experienced owner should help that franchise continue it's dominance. Also we've had Jubalado former Oakland Oaks (Iowa City River Bandits) owner has purchased the former Ottawa franchise and moved it to Boise! Not sure why Boise, but I guess he has his reasons..We also have sergei1991 buying the former Texas Colts team and moving them to Durham. I wish all of you luck in Doubleday!


1. Stiller has been banned from posting in the World Chat it seems...

2. Philly is trading everyone! Look for big trades to go down!

3. Dubs would blog chat if he wasn't at work!

4. Doubleday's first HOF nominations can take place this season!

5. Rootgargle of the new Cincinnati franchise is looking to move David Ortiz!

6. Congrats to Austin again for winning the World Series!