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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top 5 Franchises in Doubleday History

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

In light of a new season, I'd like to pick my top 5 Franchises in Doubleday History.

1. Louisville: 4 Division titles, 3 Wild cards and 5 World Series Championships pretty much sums it up for this franchise. Rbedwell was the owner during the first 6 seasons where they accumulated over 700 wins. This team has dominated and with new ownership they may not be the same team but expect them to be a powerful force for another couple seasons.

2. Durham/Boston: 683 wins, 3 Division titles, 2 Wild cards and 1 World Series Championship. Coonja76 was the main guy to make all that happen. Boasting a great pitching staff the franchise located in Durham was on fire! Plus the only team to knock off Louisville in any playoff series in the first 6 seasons.

3. Scottsdale/Omaha: 615 wins, 4 Division titles, 0 Wild Cards and 1 World Series Championship. Austinfan1 took over the team in season 2 and turned the team into a winner. Currently one of the toughest teams in the world and still pretty young. Look for them to repeat this season.

4. Montreal: 662 wins, 5 Division titles, 0 Wild Cards and 2 World Series Appearances. Season 3 and Season 7 were rebuilding type years for the team.. Montreal is primed for another Division title run with their recent FA signings.

5. Philadelphia: 578 wins, 4 Division Titles, 2 Wild Cards and 1 World Series appearance. 6 out of 7 seasons with a 100+mil payroll only to get to the World Series 1 time. If at anytime there was a shot it was last season.