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Friday, March 26, 2010

Scottsdale Scorpions Season 8 News

Fresh off their first ever World Series, the franchise formerly known as the Omaha Spikes is not done tinkering with their roster. With the improvement of some fantastic young franchises like the Austin Swing and the Pittsburgh Crawfords, management decided it couldn't wait on most of its young guns to get to the majors.

Gone: Former first rounders Augie Yamaguchi and Buck Guthrie. All-Star caliber RF J.D. Krivda. Solid 5th starter Carl Snyder.

However, as with anything in life, you must give something up to get something. Last year's AL Cy Young Cristobal Velasquez joins arguably the world's best rotation with Gary Mann, Paul James, NL Cy Young Steven Hollandsworth, and All-Star Dean Gardner. Batting Average record holder Spike Logan takes over Krivda's spot in RF and should flourish in the friendly confines of the Davis Ballpark. 3b Hector Castillo shores up the left side of the infield and will vastly improve the combined production of Rodney Wynn and Tony King.

But Scottsdale ownership indicates that they still might not be done with trades. Long coveted LF Phil Maxwell is on the market and team sources indicate they may have what the Bombers are looking for. Additionally, the Scorpions management has indicated that if the team starts off slow, Trevor Arnold may get an early call to the bigs.

Time will tell if the moves pay off, but Scottsdale will be satisfied with nothing less than a 2nd world series title and NL pennant.