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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 more up! Season 9 team scouting- reports...

Kansas City should be very happy with the way the team looks this upcoming season.. They have many guys coming up to the Majors along with guys they have had there for a couple seasons. Finally it appears they may get out of the basement. After a very disappointing 90 - 72 record last season (disappointing in the fact they missed the playoffs.) Kansas City Magglio Alvarado and Al Gonzales are the big offensive weapons they will be relying on to have great seasons. While Carlos Santos should lead a very good pitching staff.

Portland under new ownership has pretty much already said this team is in a rebuilding process. Without dishing out too much cash Portland is going to try to make some type of run this season. Maybe a key Free Agent that's still lingering around could be signed cheap to help keep Portland in the running somewhat. Unfortunately with Chicago in the same division it could be a very rough 3rd or 4th place season.

New York was my underdog favorite last season... Not really an underdog since this team has all the pieces of a championship caliber team. Albert O'Brien again a very very talented player. The season 4 AL MVP will continue to try and lead the team to a division title. With Philly on the shelf for a while it could be their year.