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Monday, June 28, 2010

Doubleday Update!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Commissioner

Opey Higgins is out sick so I am taking the duties of writing an update for Doubleday Daily. First off I'd like to start off with saying Devon is an asshole.. He has finally managed to get big FA's this season and possibly be able to piss everyone off here by getting to the World Series.. I'd like to say to everyone that reads this.. Do ANYTHING you can to knock him off.. He is simply one of those owners that don't stop once he starts winning.

Second, Any cash involved in trades from now on be ONLY for when one of the teams involved have to get some help to keep them below the cap. Anything extra that would be considered "Selling" or "Paying" another player to take your player will be vetoed. I'm sorry but this is the best for the world. Enough of that topic.. Moving on..

Honolulu makes the first huge IFA Signing in the world. Frank Satou is a RP that looks to be potentially the best RP to ever come into the world. If he hits his peak he will be a very dominant force.

As for the Airline issue... I almost agree with the fact maybe we should have realistic differences between teams in each division.. I'm game to move my team if need be ..  However I need a more suitable city.. in the North... Possible Boise.. We'll see who can be the best fit.

Season 10 is coming ..... I'd like to get something together for our guys who's stuck it out with us for 9-10 seasons.. They are truly dedicated to this world and I appreciate them greatly. Thanks guys.