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Friday, June 25, 2010

Salt Lake City won the AL North Division for the 2nd straight season last season edging out Montreal by 1 game in the final stretch. One of the best all around franchises in the world. They have a pretty talented ML squad and a decent size group of prospects that will one day All-Star's at the Big League level. Carpediem is one of the more talented owners to ever step foot in Doubleday and it will be a long time before he gets taken out of the playoff picture.

Led by SP Miguel Alou, Salem again is the favorite to win the division this season. Salem hasn't done much of anything this off-season but they really didn't have much to do. They have a great offense to carry them this season. Salem has mentioned that they are willing to trade 1B Elvis Brooks.. Not entirely sure what would be required to snag Brooks but I'm sure whoever attempts to get Brooks won't be disappointed.

Washington D.C. made the playoffs for the 2nd time in franchise history last season. Look for Kurt Westmoreland and Lefty Moore to tear things up again while Bernie Alvarez continues to etch his name into the Hall of Fame.