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Friday, June 18, 2010

Season 9 begins but first.....

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

We've ended another season... The great news is another NEW WORLD SERIES WINNER!! Coach Stiller took Montgomery to the Championship.. But can he repeat? I congratulate him on his win and wish him good luck in the future. Now seriously I don't think I really wish him luck..

Now On to season 9. We have 3 new owners coming in.... First we have ghutton9 taking over the Boise team and moving it to Portland. He has 9 seasons under his belt and looks to be a very solid addition to the world. NYaggie98 has taken the former Cincinnati team and moved them to Columbus. New to HBD so please give him guidance and help him learn. Last we have Kelly_McCann currently running 2 other teams and also seems to be pretty good at picking up the game. Any questions these guys may have assist them. I don't want them to win just do enough so they don't kill the team...I want to be able to get new owners once these guys leave crying in agony.