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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Star Game Recap: Webb MVP!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

The All Star game is where a collective group of players come together to prove how great they are.... Not really, most of the time they goof off and just have fun. The Home Run derby is probably the most competitive time of the All Star break.. With that being said the AL defeated the NL 3-1 with some very convincing performances from Pitcher Virgil Hogan and DH Ronald Webb. Webb hit a Home run and drove in 2 while Hogan threw 2 innings striking out 3 and only giving up 1 hit and no runs. The NL on the other hand hit for a better average but only could manage to score the 1 run that was driven in by Monterrey's Harold Burrell. SP Damion Mitchell gave up all 3 runs making his No-Hitter this season just mildly memorable.