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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Star Break Power Rankings

 63-28 record and easily one of the best offenses in the world. Leads the ML in RBI's. Also best pitching staff in the ML.

60- 31.... Top to bottom awesomeness....

One of the AL North Powerhouses tied for first in the Division. One of the top run scoring teams in the ML and 3rd best Pitching staff.

Defending Champions currently with a 52-39 record have the 2nd best Pitching in the ML. They also have guys named Ronald Webb and Philip Maxwell... Nuff said..

58-33 record.. however not topping any offense, pitching or fielding categories. Basing this off sheer talent in the organization.

The best team batting average, tied for the AL North division lead and 2nd in OBP. Pitching isn't terrible but not in the top 5.  Consistency...

They have the tools to get the job done. They are a former Championship team from 2 seasons ago. They will not go out easily.

Leading Scottsdale in their division however I feel they are just slightly lower on talent and I don't think they will end the season on top. I could be wrong..

Highest OBP in the world, explosive offense but weak pitching. Bullpen's pretty strong and they are in a dogfight in the AL North.

At the bottom of the AL North but still a very strong team.  Better pitching than Montreal but weaker offense.  They will be keeping the division close the rest of the way out.