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Monday, July 26, 2010

Team Spotlight: Salt Lake City

The franchise began in Detroit in Season 1 where they went 61-101  under the management of pstrnutbag. In Season 1 they acquired Clarence Vaughn , Midre Castillo and Timothy Burks. All 3 of them have remained on the team and played  very well over the last 7 seasons. The team moved in season 2 to Kansas City but only stayed for 1 season after going 73-89. Yet another owner in and out of the franchise. Omar Miranda was the 4th pick in season 2 and the only real bright spot of the season.

Season 3 is where things changed for the better. The team was bought by Carpediem33 and moved to Salt Lake City. He led them to a 1st place finish in the AL North. Season 3 was the year they drafted Al Rodriguez at the 12th spot in the first round... Season 4,5 and 6 the team didn't win the division but each season they seemed to get stronger. Season 7 they regained the top spot in the AL North winning 97 games and the DCS. Again in Season 8 they won 97 games to take the division title home but managed not to make it deep into the playoffs. Some say this season is the season SLC breaks the curse and gets to the World Series Championship. They just need to convince Seattle, Kansas City and Montreal that they are the best in the AL North first.