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Monday, July 12, 2010

46 games in....

Commissioner Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

We are 46 games into season 9 of Doubleday and up until this point we've seen Jacksonville trade off 2 of their best Starting Pitchers. Vega to Cleveland and Pedro Bennett to Pittsburgh, with that we have also seen some surprises happen. Starting with the AL: Kansas City is leading the AL North , Baltimore leads the AL East , and Las Vegas and Colorado are above .500 still. Over in the NL: Detroit is in 2nd place in the NL North!!! Monterrey having the best start in franchise history only 1 game behind Austin in the AL South.

Player News:

KC's Al Gonzales leads the ML in RBI's with 62. He's 11 RBI ahead of the 2nd place player his teammate Benito Manzanillo.

Albert Wall of Chicago is leading the ML in Homeruns with 22.

William Webster leads the ML in Stolen Bases with 36 and has now 650 for his career. At 31yrs old he still has time to get 300 more so he could potentially be the first to touch 1,000.

Eli Hernandez of KC is 10-0!

Deivi Cairo of Baltimore is 13 of 13 saves and also has and ERA of 0.00!!

Junior Sanchez of Honolulu is tied with Mark Post of Pittsburgh for the ML lead in Strike outs with 65!

International Signings!

Seattle's Stud SP signing Ezdra Guillen already injured! Out with a sore elbow for a few more days.

Charlotte's IFA Sammy Fernandez had a pretty serious injury and was put on the 60 day DL. He won't be back for about another 44 days. Not a good way to start his career!


Just a little bit of time left before the Amateur Draft happens! Memphis has the #1 pick and Baltimore has 6 picks in the first round! This draft is critical for the following teams: Las Vegas, Portland, Colorado, Boston and Iowa City! Teams that probably won't benefit either way: Montreal , Montgomery , Jacksonville, and Washington D.C..