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Friday, July 9, 2010

Jacksonville Gives up!

Jacksonville Owner Tropicana basically said he gave up this season! He declared a firesale of all his Major league talent. Starting first SP Pedro Bennett,  Bennett has very few accolades in his career but has managed to be very underrated over the last 8 seasons. Posting pretty good numbers as a #1/#2 SP in the organizations he's played for Bennett is going to make his new team much more frightening.

And that team is Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh has already made a huge trade about a week ago trading away Nolan Cain. But the addition of Bennett to add to their already star studded rotation was just enough to have the other owners in the division a little irritated.  Jacksonville received 2 prospects and a ML level RF veteran in Derek Swan. Jacksonville released the next player on the block is Odalis Vega! Who will be the team to win this lottery?