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Sunday, December 27, 2009

#1 Draft Picks

Opey Higgins

Going into the 7th season we've been witness to some of the greatest players to be drafted into the world. I'll start off by discussing the #1 draft picks from each season. I would like everyone to post a comment on who you think has been the best pick at #1.

Season 1: Corky Grant (SS) Drafted by New York. Grant was drafted at the top of a very nice class of players. He was chosen over guys like Nolan Cain(Pittsburgh), Les Cloud(Louisville) and Abraham Inge (Cleveland). Grant has played in a little over 2 full ML seasons and has a career BA of .284 with 44 HR's and 54 SB's. He hasn't performed as good as everyone would expect from a #1 pick.

Season 2: Rafael Seanez (RF) Drafted by the Texas Franchise in what was another pretty good draft which included Albert O'Brien (New York), Ted Banks (Austin), Sam Einerton(Salem) and Edgar Sosa(Seattle). Seanez in his first official ML season hit very well at .321 with 22 HR. His second season he dropped pretty far down and struggled hitting .243 with 15 HR. Hopefully for his and Baltimore's sake he pulls it together and has a great season.

Season 3: Jimmie Paul (SP Drafted by New York, Paul has one ML season under his belt so far and hasn't done that bad at all. 14-10 in season 6 for a rookie wasn't a big issue. He will only get better this season. Pretty good control with great pitches Paul should be a 15-17 game winner for the next 5 seasons or so..

Season 4: Quilvio Javier (2B) Drafted by Pittsburgh in probably the most stacked draft class yet. Javier is expected to be a big time player! He can hit the ball well with great contact and excellent ability to hit both Left and Right hand pitching. Javier is easily a 30HR ,.300+BA ,100+ RBI guy...

Season 5: Harold Burrell (1B) Drafted by Monterrey, Burrell is the next Single Season HR champ! This guy has the best bat I've seen come out of a draft in this world. The scouts say Max POWER along with B+ Contact/eye and splits. Albert Wall's record may not be safe for long.

Season 6: Norm Corino (SP) Drafted by El Paso, Corino is the top SP to be drafted in this world. Corino's control, pitches and splits are second to none! In 4 seasons Corino will be ready to make an impact at the ML Level... When he does expect it to be Cy Young worthy!