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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Team News: Buyers/Sellers

Opey Higgins

Chicago- Buyer: Top of the Rotation SP. Also a backup defensive SS. Willing to part with P Shooter Johnson and P Tony Black in exchange for the SS. Nobody else on the ML roster will be available.

Colorado- Not buying/selling: After years of bad trades, Colorado has decided to build from within.

Detroit- Not buying/selling: Detroit has no plans to be big spenders,will continue to focus on building through the draft, and only accept deals that bring it more young talent. The ML squad this season welcomes 4 significant additions: Terrence Hurst and Wendell Sullivan ,both former 1st round picks, finally make their debut at the top while Carlos Castillo and Ralph Washington ,both acquired via trade last season, also join the big league squad. Down on the farm, guys like Denny Chong , Michael Hernandez , and Eddie Brush will continue the slow climb and reflect well on Detroit's future.

New York- Not buying/selling: SP Dreifort is NOT available at all. New York owner wants to make that very clear.

San Fransisco- Buying and selling: Selling SP Darron Becker and 3B Theo McCurry. Buying a #1 or 2 SP.

Atlanta- Buying: Top of rotation SP, LR-SP5 type guys. Defensive backup SS too. Will trade prospects, can take on (some) contracts.

Montreal- Selling ML Buying Prospects: Looking for all positions/pitchers in the 22-25 age range. Selling Cy Young SP Mark Post, CF/2B F. Guererro, 3B Jocko Sexson, DH/3B H. Castillo and more. Anyone on the the ML roster over 26 is available.

Las Vegas- Not Buying/Selling: Going to continue to build through the draft and sign IFA's. Will sign some FA's to rebuild offense.

As more updates come in I'll keep you posted.