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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The end of an Era!

Opey Higgins

Louisville, KY

It's a sad day in the Doubleday world.. Today we were given word that the Louisville Colonels owner Rbedwell was retiring from the world. During his time as owner of the Louisville franchise, Rbedwell acquired 4 Division titles, 5 World Series titles and tons of respect! He was known for calling things the way he seen them regardless of who was right or wrong. It's a huge loss and I am deeply saddened to have had to make this report.

Along with the loss of Rbedwell, we lost another long time owner. Rootgargle announced he would not be returning for season 7 for personal reasons. Rootgargle is another owner that made a huge impact on the world with his ability to help update the blog. He also been runner up in the World Series on 2 separate occasions. Moving the Dukes out of Albuquerque to Sacramento this past season was the last major move he made. He left the team with youth and a promising future.