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Sunday, December 27, 2009

AL Discussion!

Opey Higgins

At the start of every season everyone wants to know who the top team is.. Well in the American League it would be pretty close between 3 teams. I feel this season with the FA signings along with the previous seasons performances that Jacksonville, St. Louis and Salt Lake City will be the top 3 teams in the AL. San Francisco will take the AL West but I feel still not the "Power" team that they will eventually become. My predictions for the AL are ....

AL North:
Salt Lake City- 93-69
Seattle- 84-78
Kansas City- 76-86
Montreal- 67-95

AL East:
Jacksonville- 101-61
Philly- 95-67
New York- 81-81
Baltimore- 61-101

AL South:
St. Louis- 90-72
Texas- 73-89
El Paso- 72-90
Huntington- 64-98

AL West:
San Fran- 84-78
Salem- 66-96
Colorado- 67-95
Las Vegas- 60- 102