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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Agency News!

Opey Higgins

Free Agency this season wasn't completely full of studs but there are a few signings that I feel were huge for certain teams.

1.D'Angelo Telemaco (SP): Jacksonville signed Telemaco to a 5yr 87.5 mil deal. Adding Telemaco to an already pretty tough rotation will pretty much guarantee the playoffs for Jacksonville.

2.Rafael Mercado (SP): Philadelphia Stars signed the former Season 2 NL Cy Young Award winner.. Mercado is a 5 time All Star. Bernie Alvarez has some competition for the SP#1 job in Philly.

3. Orlando Camacho (RP): At age 37 Camacho is still valuable to one team.. Salt Lake City... They signed Camacho to a 2yr deal worth 7.3 mil. Bullpen help whether he's 37 or younger, Camacho will be a big signing for the Trappers.