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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Blood!

Opey Higgins

The start to season 7 happens here! A flurry of owners came in to take advantage of some very good franchises. Well, almost all of them did. Owner Yoker70 took the Commish Challenge and moved the former San Diego team to Vancouver in what he feels is the first among many changes to turn that team into something great!

Playboy33 arrived in Sacramento and immediately purchased the team and moved them to Salem. Playboy another original Ballpark Frank owner has came to Doubleday and picked up probably the team with the most potential! LF Quinn Street was quoted as saying "If he can even be half the owner that we lost we're in good shape!".

Charlie leaves and we get a 2nd year owner in return!etillma has taken over the former Toledo franchise. He has some big time offer from Atlanta so he chose to move there. He was also offered a Hanes underwear commercial. Charlie Sheen and himself are probably going to be featured stalking Michael Jordan... Anyway.. I wish him luck!

scottso14 purchased the Texas franchise and has no desire to move the team. From what we were told he's supposedly part of some super green been conspiracy.. don't ask...

7of9 is the man of the hour though.. He has taken over the 5 time World Series Champs. He has a lot of hype to live up to as he chooses what direction he wants to take the team. Remaining in Louisville because his ex-wife and 12 kids told him if he leaves she'll take what money he has left after buying the team.

We also have 2 brand new owners, Cwoods and Badaxe. Cwoods took over the former Oakland franchise and moved them to Iowa City. Badaxe took over the former Tampa Bay franchise and took them to Toledo replacing the team that just moved. I know realistically it would take a very long time.. so let's pretend it's been 6-8 months :).