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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Season 9 WORLD SERIES!!!

At the start of Season 9 had anyone predicted a Seattle vs. Cleveland World Series people would've thought you were crazy... Long shots at best for the chance to play in the biggest series of either of their teams career finally came to reality tonight! Seattle finished 3rd in one of the hardest divisions in Doubleday History and Cleveland pulled off a Division title with one of the top records in Doubleday this season. This series is going to be one of the most competitive World Series we've had the opportunity to witness! Both young teams with plenty of pitching and offense. Cleveland's 1B B.J. Crane has been to the World Series and won a ring back in season 3 so he has some big game experience. Crane said "You just have to forget about this being one of the biggest games of your life.. You have to treat this like Spring Training or something.." Tune into the World Series to see the amazing results!