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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing Columbus Owner Nyaggie

After helping Dubs go 50-112 in season 8 (as Triple A coach) I received a phone call from the GM of the Jets asking me if I would be interested in moving up to the big league and coach.After thinking about it for a couple weeks and evaluating the left over talent from the previous owner (rootgargle) I knew I would be starting from scratch but decided I was up for the challenge.My first big decision as head coach was trading for 2B Billy Neagle and he didn't disappoint hitting .310 and having 31HRs.

...As my first season progressed I knew it was going to be a lost cause so I traded as few ML talented players for some Minor Leaguers hoping to built up through them.

Then we had a good draft and brought in 3 future MLs (1B Andy Maduro, 3B Jerrod Harding and LF Josh Mock). After winning only 67 games in my first season I decided that it was time for a major change.So I let go a 5 players from last season’s team and bring up some of my younger talent that I felt was ready (mainly CF Benji Rios and 1B Robb Duvall) also bringing SP Vladimir James and Karim Bennett should help us win a few more games this season.

We are not talking playoffs this season, but anything less than a 10 game improvement will be a disappointment. Once all my young talent is ready to do their thing for the big league club everyone should watch out because that World Series trophy will be coming to Columbus.